What’s the Best Way to Preserve Flowers?

A lovely bouquet of flowers is one of the most special gifts a person can receive. They’re colorful and delicate, and they just have a way of brightening people’s day. Perhaps the only real issue with flowers is their impermanence. As soon as they get plunked into a vase, there’s a timer on flowers—that is, unless you decide to preserve them.

Want to keep your latest bouquet for years to come? Here are some tips for how to preserve flowers in San Francisco, CA.

Preparation tips

Before you can get started preserving your flowers, you’ll need to take some steps to keep them in good shape. Over the course of the flowers’ vase-life, you should keep them out of the sunlight, since sunlight will sap the flowers of color.

Before you begin, you should figure out what you want to do with your flowers. Your ultimate goal for your flowers will determine the method you use. Then, make sure you have all the right materials on hand—these will change depending on your methods. Finally, during the process, you should expect that not all of your flowers will make it. There will be wilting petals and cracked flowers. Damage is definite.

Types of flower preserving

The best way to preserve flowers in San Francisco, CA will vary depending on your preservation substances:

  • Glycerin is very popular because it removes moisture and keeps petals looking vibrant. It also helps petals retain their shape.
  • If you have the space in your home, you can air-dry your flowers by hanging them upside down, secured by rubber bands.
  • You can also cover your flowers in specialized absorbent material and then microwave them for short increments under moderate heat.
  • You can buy absorbent paper and press your flowers inside a heavy book if you want to collect them, or if their shape isn’t a factor.
  • A bowl of sand will also preserve your flowers on a long enough timeline.
  • Not the DIY type? A professional can freeze-dry them for you.

These are just some of the most common ways to preserve your flowers. A local floral professional can help you determine the right way to preserve your flowers depending on your intentions and the specific type of flowers you’re working with.

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