March 29, 2021 Luca Downes

2021-04-08 | 18:20:56

"I was so happy that you had a lot of flowers to be chosen at your shop. I thanked your staff for helping me to choose what would be the best flowers for my wedding celebrations. All the flowers are fresh, and it amazed me. A strong recommendation for you! Thank you so much for your help and kindness! Very good job!"
February 16, 2021 David Goss

2021-03-15 | 21:19:51

"Quality flowers and great arrangements."
January 28, 2021 BrĀ”an M

2021-03-15 | 21:19:49

"I ordered an arrangement for friends from Delicate Daisy using the design examples on their website. The arrangement turned out beautifully, my friends were thrilled, and the overall price for flowers and delivery was budget-friendly. I would definitely order again. Thanks, Delicate Daisy!"
November 8, 2020 Bees

2021-03-15 | 21:19:48

"My BFF bought me this beautiful bouquet from The Delicate Daisy. Roxy and her team have brought joy and beauty into the neighborhood for as long as I've been here. You can walk in, ask them to make you something dramatic and voila! Beauty for any occasion or no occasion at all! Thanks for making this a birthday to remember, y'all."
October 14, 2015 Laura and Martin

"Thank you so much for the most beautiful and exquisite flowers on our wedding day. It was the most perfect day ever and you had a lot to do with it. I wish I could have just sat there for an hour before everyone arrived and took it all in!"
June 5, 2015 Rebecca and Payam

"Thank you so very much for doing such a fabulous job on the flowers for my wedding. Words cannot express how beautiful they were. Everything was absolutely perfect!"