Flowers That Need to Be Kept Away from Children

Kids get into everything, which is why it’s an adult’s job to make sure that kids don’t inadvertently find themselves sticking objects up their nose or eating poisonous plants. As much as we might enjoy having certain plants around, there are plenty of flowers and plants that aren’t safe around kids in San Francisco, CA. When you’re planning your garden or getting ready to design your next floral arrangement, make sure to avoid these not-so-child-friendly varieties:

  • Cactus: Cactus—especially cactus with fruit like prickly pears—might look tempting to kids, but their spikes and thorns can jab curious fingers. While popular all over California, wait to keep these in the home until your kids are old enough not to touch them.
  • Roses: Roses are a perennial favorite in yards across the state, but try not to plant them in areas where your children will play. Even if they know not to touch them, rough-and-tumble play could result in a painful accidental landing.
  • Barberry: Barberry is another thorny shrub that can hurt children if they touch it or fall into the plant—it’s best to keep this one in child-free zones.
  • Stinging nettle: Nettles can be used in medicine as well as food (even Cowgirl Creamery has a cheese wrapped in nettle leaves), but they have to be cooked before the leaves are safe to touch with bare hands. Avoid planting these if you have children.
  • Thistle: Thistle’s beautiful round purple flowers might look fun to touch, but the thorny plant stings anyone who touches it.
  • Raspberry: Raspberries are delicious, but their vines tend to be thorny—keep this one barricaded by chicken wire or other protective measures.
  • Holly: Deck the halls with boughs of ouch—this festive plant’s spiky leaves aren’t particularly child-friendly.
  • Peppers: We might love peppers, but if you’ve got a kid who likes to put everything in their mouth, hold off on planting these until they know the meaning of “spicy.”
  • Lily of the valley: These pretty bell-shaped flowers are poisonous, so keep them away from small children.
  • Daffodil: Cheery daffodils are toxic to humans, so make sure that you plant them far away from anywhere your kids might play.
  • Golden chain tree: The golden chain tree is renowned for its cascading yellow blossoms, but it’s not a good choice for a play yard—the tree is poisonous and could harm your children.
  • Dieffenbachia: This indoor houseplant is toxic if the leaves are chewed—best to avoid this entirely if you have children.
  • Lantana: Finally, hardy and popular lantana is toxic to children and pets, so while it makes a lovely addition to an outdoor garden, it’s best to avoid this if you have either.

Need help avoiding flowers that aren’t kid-safe in your next San Francisco, CA arrangement? The team at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers can help. Call us today to get started on an arrangement or to learn more about which plants are safe for your kids and pets. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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