What Houseplants Attract the Most Bugs?

Nothing livens up a room like a fresh houseplant or bouquet of flowers. They add a pop of color to the decor. They invite the outdoors inside. Several studies have even proven that plants have several positive benefits for your mental health. Feel better, think better, relieve stress and boost your self-esteem—all you need is the right houseplant.

Despite all these benefits, people still worry about putting flowers and plants in their home for one simple reason: they worry that houseplants lure in bugs. But is that true? Do houseplants attract bugs in San Francisco, CA?

Are bugs going after your plants?

If you’re wondering whether houseplants attract bugs in San Francisco, CA, the answer is yes. If they are allowed the opportunity, a variety of insects will gladly move into your home and feast on your plants. Fungus gnats, aphids, whiteflies and spider mites are some of the most common insects that will make a beeline for your houseplants.

Fortunately, there are some easy steps to take to ensure that your plants are secure from these unwanted pests.

Inspect your new plants

Regardless of where you buy your new plants, you should always do a thorough examination of the leaves, petals and stems. Even the most challenging pests aren’t very smart. As a result, you should be able to see any bugs just hanging out on the leaves. Sometimes eggs are stored on leaves, too. Still, they should be readily noticeable even for a novice.

Make sure the plant is healthy

Even if you don’t spot any overt signs of pest infestation, you should still avoid bringing home any plants that appear to have pest damage. These signs can range from discolored spots on the leaves of the plant to small holes in the leaves or petals. Not only should you not shell out your hard-earned money for a damaged plant, but these are also warning signs that bugs are present.

Keep your home secure

Once you’ve got a healthy new plant in your home, you can keep pests away by ensuring that any entrances into your home are secure. That means keeping window screens free of holes and tears. It means making sure your doors are quickly closed after being opened. Ensuring there aren’t any open spots in your home will help keep outside pests from finding their way inside.

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