Can Flowers Grow in the Winter?

Across the United States, those of us blessed with a green thumb might suffer under the impression that when the weather gets colder, our gardens must be closed up until the thaw. Thankfully, that’s not true in the slightest. Thanks to California’s moderate climate, there’s a long list of flowers that grow in the winter in San Francisco, CA.

From the artistic bloom of a snowdrop to the robust symphony of color on a Lenten rose, there’s bound to be something to please every taste.


These charming flowers grow in a stalk, their buds blooming like sleigh bells. Snapdragons come in an array of extremely rich colors. Snapdragons are so hardy that they often grow in the wild with little to no help from human hands.

Sweet alyssum

These annual plants flower in bunches, lending a touch of spring to your garden even in the middle of winter. These brightly-colored white plants thrive in a wide array of climates.

Lenten rose

Also known as the Christmas Rose, the Lenten rose blooms in winter, flowering like a delicate satellite dish. These deeply-colored flowers come in a diverse array of colors sure to catch the eye at a time of year often thought to be devoid of flowers. Lenten roses also have the added benefit of being resistant to wildlife.

Winter pansies

One of the most beloved flowers that grows in the winter in San Francisco, CA is the winter pansy, a hardy but vibrant flower with an array of colors on offer. Perhaps best of all, winter pansies can freeze like a block but keep on ticking when the thaw comes.

Winter aconite

The winter aconite blooms from a simple tuber, a fleshy bulb that holds water and nutrients throughout the cold winter. Then, at the earliest moment, these flowers push their way through frost and snow to blossom in a cheerful yellow bloom reminiscent of a buttercup.


Looking to add an air of class to your garden in the dead of winter? Snowdrops, or Galanthus, are a delicately drooping flower elevated by a vibrant green stalk. Snowdrops are no shrinking violets, however. They can even push their way through the ice to flower. No matter what time of year it is, snowdrops are sure to stand out.

Experience springtime in winter

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