Tips for Protecting Your Flowers from the Cold

Of all the things Mother Nature throws at our gardens, cold weather is possibly the most dangerous. When the temperatures dip near or below freezing, the earth surrounding your plant becomes its enemy. That’s why protecting plants from cold in San Francisco, CA is crucial for the long-term health of your garden.

How does the cold weather affect plants?

As every gardener knows, water is the lifeblood of a plant. When the weather causes that water to freeze, it can cause problems inside and outside the structure of a plant. Water absorbed by your plants can freeze inside the cells of the plant itself, causing those cells to expand and rupture.

Outside the plant, frozen water can freeze the soil and interrupt the flow of valuable nutrients to the core of a plant. Coupled with a plant’s natural tendency to slow its intake of nutrients, this slowdown can prove deadly to even the hardiest of plants.

Fortunately, there are several methods skillful gardeners use when protecting plants from cold in San Francisco, CA.

Water thoroughly before the freeze

Wet soil is much better at holding in the heat, which makes it more resistant to freezing when the temperature gets cold.

Cover the plants in bed sheets or towels

Covering the base of your plants with an unused sheet or towel is a great way to add insulation to your outdoor plants. If you have the means to keep the sheets from touching your foliage directly, you can cover the tops of your plants, as well. That said, be sure to remove the covers if and when the temperature rises above freezing.

Don’t underestimate the value of shelter

If you have potted plants, moving them indoors or into the garage can provide a considerable benefit. Small wheeled platforms can be purchased at any nursery to make the transition smooth.

Add 100-watt lamps

A simple 100-watt lamp can provide enough heat to keep plants and trees warm through the coldest months of the winter. Some lights have been created specifically for the task.

Enlist an antitranspirant

If you’re concerned about the ill effects of freezing, an aerosol antitranspirant can protect your plants for up to three months with one application. You can find common antitranspirants at your local nursery.

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