Is There a Particular Flower for December?

When you’re getting ready to make a floral arrangement for your home, a wedding or even someone’s December birthday, you might be wondering if there’s a particular flower for December. We often think of poinsettias and other flowers, like roses, when we think of Christmas flowers in San Francisco, CA. While we don’t believe in limiting ourselves to a specific type of flower for a month or season, many people love traditional choices in new and unexpected arrangements.

December birth flowers

Poinsettias are the classic December birth flower, said to send the message, “You are the special one.” They represent good cheer and success. Poinsettias typically come in red, white and pink varieties, but you may find variegated versions that appeal to you as well. It is a vibrant member of the Euphorbia family. Poinsettias are normally grown in tropical climates, and therefore require greenhouses to grow during the winter months in California. One word of warning: poinsettias can produce a skin rash in humans. The good news? They’re not otherwise toxic to humans or animals, as many believe.

Narcissus is considered the American December birth flower, said to represent sweetness, self-esteem and, on the flip side, vanity. The narcissus flower genus includes daffodils and jonquils. Narcissus itself is a six-petaled flower with a “crown” like daffodils. These are typically spring perennials, and are part of the amaryllis family. The name “Narcissus” comes from the Greek myth in which a man fell in love with his own reflection (hence the reference to vanity).

Using poinsettias in unexpected ways

If you’re looking to go with poinsettias in San Francisco, CA for your December birthday or Christmas bouquet, you’re not limited by traditional Christmas colors of red, white and green—we love pairing white poinsettias with other white flowers to create lush and abundant arrangements. These look particularly spectacular with metallic vases, pinecones or other foliage.

Pairing deep pink or variegated poinsettias is also an unusual choice for a traditional arrangement. Set against deep green leaves or branches, the pink harmonizes with most Christmas décor while still standing out. Tie your bouquet with silver, copper or gold ribbon for a traditional arrangement that still has a modern edge.

Finally, you might consider pairing deep red poinsettias with other dark red flowers for a rich floral arrangement that’s sure to catch your guests’ eyes.

Shop for Christmas flowers in San Francisco, CA

If you still aren’t sure which colors to select for your Christmas flowers in San Francisco, CA or need to choose flower arrangements for another special occasion this season, make sure you turn to the experts at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers for assistance. Serving the area since 1939, our experienced team is ready to help you learn more so you can make the floral arrangement, bouquet or gift basket you select that much more meaningful. To find the right color combinations, give us a call or stop by to see us today. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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