Great Floral Design Ideas for Christmas

With the winter holidays approaching, you may be considering what to do with your holiday décor, and floral arrangements are always a great way to make your tablescape, interior decorating or holiday wedding unique. Rather than the traditional red poinsettias, however, why not branch out into something truly spectacular? Here are a few of our favorite Christmas floral design ideas for your San Francisco, CA celebration:

  • Metallics: This is the season to go all-out with metallics, whether it’s bold vases or even artificial metallic foliage. Metallics go well with all-white arrangements as well as highlighting darker color choices.
  • Deep reds: Rich, dark reds can be a nice counterpoint to traditional holly or cherry reds. They add a touch of sophistication, especially when displayed against dark foliage.
  • Overflowing abundance: Especially beautiful in bridal bouquets, consider using overflowing, lush flower arrangements in statement vases, or bouquets that trail elegantly.
  • Deep pinks, blush and citrus: If you’re looking for a slightly different color combination, try deep pinks against dark green foliage, or use blush and citrus to lighten up the often heavy and dark traditional colors of the season.
  • Unusual flowers: You’re not limited to roses or poinsettias—consider dahlias, succulents, ranunculus, peonies and other more unusual flowers and plants.
  • Rustic elegance: We love pairing soft, elegant flowers with more rustic elements, such as vases, burlap or twine. This works especially well for the holidays with a neutral palette highlighted by dark foliage or metallic accents.
  • Neutral palettes or all white: It doesn’t snow often in San Francisco, but you can still evoke a white Christmas when you opt for a neutral palette or an all-white arrangement. This allows your florist to play with texture instead of color, and will work especially well in colored or metallic vases.
  • Green and white: If you’re looking for something more traditional that still stands out, consider going with a green and white palette, perhaps with an occasional pop of deep red or bright pink.
  • Dramatic centerpiece: For your centerpiece, think horizontal instead of vertical—a dramatic centerpiece that sits low and horizontal allows your guests to see each other over dinner while still making a bold decorative statement.
  • Pinecones: Pinecones are a classic accent for winter floral arrangements. Whether left natural or edged in metallic paint, they can anchor a neutral or unusual palette in the winter season.
  • Pop of purple. Finally, we love using pops of purple in our Christmas floral arrangements. Purple looks great with green and white, and the slightly unusual pairing can look festively dramatic.

Floral arrangements for Christmas in San Francisco, CA

At The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers, we are committed to coming up with beautiful Christmas floral design ideas in San Francisco, CA with gorgeous, locally sourced flowers. We’re dedicated to making sure your occasion looks and feels exactly how you imagined. Our florists are skilled and experienced in building bouquets for any number of occasions and will design a floral arrangement to your exact specifications. Call us today to find out how we can make your holidays pop.

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