What Do Different Flower Colors Mean in San Francisco, CA?

Each floral arrangement tells a story, from the types of flowers that are used to the colors of each flower that is selected. With the beauty of the arrangement as a whole prominently on display, the actual colors that are used might seem like an afterthought. However, knowing which colors to choose can lead to a well-timed gift that commemorates the celebration of a special occasion or provides encouragement when it is needed the most. Follow along with this guide to learn more about what flower colors in San Francisco, CA mean so you can pick out the right arrangement for each occasion:

  • Blue: The color blue represents peace and serenity. If a close friend or family member has been under a lot of stress lately, sending them a calming blue bouquet might be just what they need to help ease some of their worry.
  • Pink: Pink flowers promote happiness and gentleness. Whether still in bud form or in full bloom, floral arrangements that include pink peonies or pink roses can help bring forth thoughts of innocence and youthful joy.
  • Purple: The color purple has long been associated with royalty, and floral arrangements that feature this color are no different. Because of these ties to ceremony and dignity, purple bouquets are great for special occasions of accomplishment, such as a graduation or big promotion at work.
  • Red: The color red brings to mind energy, power and passion, which is why red flowers are often presented as a symbol of beauty and true love.
  • White: White flowers seem to have a quiet and simple beauty to them, with the color commonly representing innocence and humility. You can choose more noticeably elegant arrangements such as those that include silk gardenias or lilies, or the more understated amazement of a bouquet of a dozen white roses.
  • Yellow: Yellow flowers immediately elicit happy thoughts of joy and lightheartedness, and quite often are seen as a representation of new beginnings. A bouquet of daffodils or chrysanthemums would be a great “just because” gift for a friend, new or old.
  • Orange: The vibrance of orange is typically associated with warmth and happy times. You can send a lively orange bouquet on its own, or you can mix orange flowers with similarly energetic colors to add a little bit of excitement to someone’s day.
  • Green: As a symbol of good fortune, health and resilience, green flowers can be added to just about any type of arrangement. When used in an arrangement that features green flowers alone, the peace and calm that is nature at rest often shines through.
  • Lavender: Lavender colored flowers are the perfect combination of pink and purple hues, epitomizing refinement and grace, while also displaying the delicacy of the arrangement.

If you still aren’t sure which colors to select for a special occasion, make sure you contact us at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers. Serving the area since 1939, our experienced team is ready to help you learn more about what flower colors mean in San Francisco, CA so that you can make the floral arrangement, bouquet or gift basket you select that much more meaningful. To find the right color combinations, give us a call or stop by to see us today.

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