Ideas for Outdoor Centerpieces to Spruce Up Your Patio This Fall: Tips from a Flower Shop in San Francisco, CA

Just because the summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean you can’t still make use of your outdoor spaces. Here in northern California, the weather will remain mild and pleasant through much of the fall, allowing you to continue enjoying barbecues, outdoor conversations and a morning cup of coffee on your deck or patio.

If you still plan on hosting outdoor gatherings or spending time in those outdoor spaces, you should continue to decorate and liven those spaces up. Among the many ways you can add some life to your outdoor gathering areas is the use of outdoor centerpieces.

Here are just a few examples of some of the most popular centerpiece ideas for decks and patios, including many that can benefit greatly from the use of flowers from a flower shop in San Francisco, CA.

  • Potted plants: Potted plants are extremely simple to put together. Green plants inside simple terra cotta pots can be left outside all season long, and also make for elegant centerpieces at outdoor tables. They bring your garden even closer to you.
  • Fruit bowls: You probably use fruit bowls as centerpieces inside your home, so why not outside as well? You don’t need to leave the fruit bowls outside after your guests depart—bring them back into your home and put the fruit away as needed. But if you’re having some guests over and are in need of a simple impromptu centerpiece, you don’t need to pay a quick visit to the florist to have a pretty centerpiece that is natural and pleasant.
  • Lanterns: The use of hanging lanterns, string lights and globe lights over decks and patios has exploded in popularity in recent years. Whether or not you already have these hanging lights in your outdoor space, you might consider adding a couple lanterns of varying sizes on to your table to use as centerpieces. Lanterns add a lot of elegance without you having to go out and collect a whole bunch of different small pieces. Though, if you want, you can mix in some yard cuttings or simple floral arrangements to add to the aesthetic.
  • Add sculptural elements: If you have any sculptures or sculptural elements you can use to add to your centerpieces, feel free to use them, and in conjunction with plants and flowers. This is especially ideal for outdoor spaces that are a little farther away from the house, as the sculptural elements can make a big statement of their own.
  • Floral arrangements: Last but certainly not least, there are plenty of fall-themed floral arrangements that are ideal for use as outdoor centerpieces. Pay a visit to your local florist and get some recommendations about what might work well for your space.

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