The Top Trends in Wedding Flowers in San Francisco, CA

Wedding season is upon us! As any soon-to-be bride knows, flowers are crucial to the perfect summer wedding. Whether your style is classic or rustic, beautiful flowers help create the perfect day. While social media is a great way to get started on choosing your flowers, the abundance of choices can be incredibly overwhelming when planning a wedding.

But there’s no need to fret about choosing between peonies or orchids for your head table centerpiece. To help you get started on selecting the prettiest blooms, here are are the top trends in wedding flowers in San Francisco, CA:

Think local

Looking to save some cash on your flower budget? Then consider adding local, seasonal flowers to the mix. Not only is local trendy, it’s also a great way for eco-conscious couples to cut costs. Consult a professional florist to discover a beautiful selection of in-season flowers that grow naturally in your area.

Wild and natural

This may be the perfect option for brides opting for a woodland wedding. Create a sizeable bouquet filled with a variety of different flowers to create a collection that looks fresh picked from a garden or field. A bundle of tulips, peonies and wildflowers will create a much more natural looking bouquet than a dozen single-colored roses.

Flower crown

The flower crown doesn’t have to be reserved for trendy brides on social media. This statement headpiece is actually surprisingly wearable for even the most classic brides. A flower crown can be created with both statement flowers, like sunflowers, or a smaller buds, such as daisies, to create a completely custom to you. So forego the traditional veil and choose a flower crown for the ultimate summer feel.

Dark colors

Brides wishing for cooler weather at their August wedding may want to embrace a darker hue. These intense and rich colors create a cool and elegant feel. Channel the feelings of fall with a mix of dark red and purple flowers to create a sophisticated color scheme for your evening nuptials.


Incorporate some natural beauty into your indoor reception by adding sprigs of pine or of a small palm frond. This simple addition is an easy and cost-efficient way to brighten up any table setting. Plus, your guests are sure to smile at this unique touch of greenery.

Cascading centerpieces

Don’t let tall vases get in the way of your guests’ view of your first dance or the the best man’s speech. Choose a garland centerpiece to create a unique look that isn’t distracting from the rest of the night’s events. Consult a professional florist on the best option for creating a string of eucalyptus or grape vine for a natural and relaxed table runner.

Whether you’re planning a black-tie wedding or a mountain elopement, the professionals at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers are here to help you find the perfect blooms. Stop by today to start making your dream wedding a reality!

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