Top Summer Flowers in San Francisco, CA

Most people tend to associate luxurious and fragrant bouquets of colorful flowers with the spring. But, lucky for you, the beauty of live flowers can last all year long! In fact, summer is one of the best times for the most gorgeous selections — some types of flowers actually only bloom during the warm months of June, July and August. At The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers, we carry countless types of flowers for a variety of different occasions throughout the year.

To help you start picking out your next floral arrangement or centerpiece, here are a selection of the top summer flowers in San Francisco, CA available at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers!

  • Peony: There’s a reason you’re probably seeing these beautiful blooms all over your Instagram feed. The peony is the ultimate combination of beauty and softness. Plus, they are famous for their unique fragrance that will fill your home all summer long
  • Dahlia: The dahlia is one flower you won’t forget once cooler weather hits. This distinctive bud comes in a wide range of vibrant colors, including purple, red and yellow. It’s sure to stand out in the centerpiece at your next summer garden party. Best of all, the dahlia is known for its resilience to the heat.
  • Poppies: Nothing screams summer fun more than the unmistakable poppy. Poppies are bright, but won’t overpower most floral arrangements. Select blooms in darker colors, such as red, to make a statement in a summer bridal bouquet. More whimsical brides may choose the poppy for a flower crown because of its thin and wiry stem that is incredibly easy to work with.
  • Orchids: The simple and refined orchid will add a touch of classic beauty to your next evening affair. Not only are orchids famous for their beauty, but they’re also known for their color and unique fragrance. Your guests will appreciate the elegant look of a dark purple or white orchid.
  • Hydrangea: Choose hydrangeas to create a colorful bouquet or centerpiece. The petals are available in a wide selection of shades, including white, pink and purple — even some more adventurous options like blue and green. Hydrangeas are also incredibly full, which can help you fill an entire vase at half the cost!
  • Calla lilies: Despite being associated with Easter, calla lilies aren’t just for spring. This unique looking flower actually symbolizes devotion and marital bliss — making them the perfect choice for an afternoon summer wedding. Calla lilies are notoriously expensive, so be mindful of your budget by choosing just one or two for a simple, yet elegant bridal bouquet.
  • Daisy: The daisy is a great cost-efficient way to fill buckets and vases at your upcoming backyard family reunion. These colorful flowers will stand up to the heat without breaking the bank.

Visit The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers for the best selection of flowers all year long. Our team will help you create a spectacular arrangement, bouquet or gourmet gift basket for your next big event.

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