Caring for Perennial Flowers in San Francisco, CA: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garden or add some color to your home, perennials are a great flower to plant. Some of the best gardens have perennials in them, and they come in a variety of colors, including yellow, blue and purple. Why have a garden with the same type of flower in the same color when you can have a garden full of different colors?

Perennials are also great because as long as you take care of them, the roots will allow the flower to grow back year after year. The following is a simple guide outlining how to care for perennial flowers in San Francisco, CA, to ensure your garden looks vibrant year after year!

Planting them

How you buy your perennials determines how you will plant them. If you buy your perennials from a container, you’ll want to find a pot that’s wider than the container it came in. Dig a wide, shallow hole in the soil. Spread the roots out and spread the soil around them. Water immediately.

When you buy perennials by their roots, they will usually be surrounded by ingredients that are used as a substitute for soil, like moss. Planting them is easy. Dig a hole and drop them in and spread the soil around it. Make sure you soak the roots until you’re ready to plant them.

After you water your roots or flower, put about two to three inches of mulch around the plant, as it will help it retain moisture. If you’re planting tall perennials, you’ll want to give them support. If you’re planting perennials far enough away from each other, you can tie a single stem to a single rod. If you’re growing them together in groups, make sure they are supported by making sure they grow in separate sections of a hoop.

Caring for them

Unfortunately, almost every perennial is different in terms of the amount of water they need. Some need to be watered all the time, while some can go days without water. It’s best to check with a flower shop or a florist to discover what the flower’s needs are.

Whether or not they need a ton or only a little water, it’s best to do your watering by a hose in the morning or early afternoon. It’s okay to overwater them when you first get them, because they will for sure come back year after year if you take care of them well the first year.

Maintaining them

To keep your perennials looking beautiful, you’ll need to deadhead and divide them throughout the years. Deadheading means cutting the dried and shriveled plants off if the originals. This prevents the dead seeds from spreading and causing a mess in your garden.

You must divide your perennials so they don’t crowd each other. Every year you plant perennials, they’ll grow bigger. Dividing them means digging them out of the ground and splitting the bulbs into smaller sections before replanting them. It’s a hassle, but the plants will do better in the end. The spring and fall are the best times of the year to split up the perennials.

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