What Kind of Flowers in San Francisco, CA Should I Plant in June?

While there are many people who swear by Memorial Day as being the cutoff for planting in gardens, there are still plenty of options for flowers in San Francisco, CA that you can plant in June. In fact, the plants you will see listed below are ones that thrive in the summer, giving you some extra beauty in your gardens as many other plants begin to fade away. These flowers can even be used to create your own summer-themed floral arrangements!

Here are a few of the best summer flowers in San Francisco, CA:

  • Aster: These perennials don’t just thrive through the summer—they stay in bloom all the way through the fall if you keep their spent flowers. You’ll find them for sale at just about any gardening store in June. You can purchase them earlier on to plant them from tubers as well. If you are looking for splashes of lavender, white or pink to add to your garden, aster could be your choice!
  • Gloriosa daisy: These beautiful, deep golden flowers almost resemble miniature sunflowers in daisy form thanks to the brown buds at the center. The plants can get up to three or four feet tall and one and a half feet wide at their peak. They thrive in the summer weather.
  • Purple fountain grass: These flowers slowly evolve over the course of their life each year. They start off as feathery and rose-colored, and eventually turn to beige flowers atop red foliage. They are typically grown as annuals and can be planted in the summer. Many people pair them with gloriosa daisies.
  • Gaura: Gaura features white flowers that attach in clusters in tall spikes. They grow to anywhere from two and a half to four feet tall in several varieties, including one that has rose-pink flowers. The shape of the flowers occasionally can resemble butterflies at a glance.
  • Purple coneflowers: Another daisy relative, these extremely common summer flowers grow up to four feet tall. They feature bright pink and purple flowers with orange and brown centers that almost look like tiny beehives. They are the perfect flower to add a touch of color to your garden in the summer months.
  • Dahlia: These gorgeous, bright-colored flowers have the added benefit of providing a bit of light shade in otherwise sunny and hot areas. They grow in a number of varieties, including pink, coral, red and yellow, cactus and more. You will usually find them for sale in tuberous root form.
  • Moonshine yarrow: This plant will bloom in just about any environment, and will do so generously. Its gorgeous deep yellow flowers grow to be about two feet tall and are perfect for pairing with taller flowers that have cooler colors.

Clearly there are plenty of flowers in San Francisco, CA that you can still get your hands on to create a thriving garden or summer-themed floral arrangement this season. For more information, contact us today at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers.

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