Top Trends for Wedding Flowers in San Francisco, CA

With spring and summer quickly approaching, it is almost time for wedding season. Chances are you will be attending numerous ceremonies and receptions and enjoying the beautiful California weather—for that matter, you may even be hosting a wedding of your own!

One of the signature characteristics of an enchanting spring wedding is beautiful flowers in San Francisco, CA. Flowers are a favorite for spring weddings as they fit perfectly with the fresh feeling of the season. A bouquet, garlands or even an elaborate floral centerpiece can lend nature’s beauty to your wedding ceremony and reception.

Whether you are planning an extravagant affair or a simple and intimate beach ceremony, it is never too late to incorporate this fresh addition into your upcoming nuptials. Here are some of the top trends this spring for wedding flowers in San Francisco, CA:

  • Simple bouquets: If you have selected an elaborate gown, then a simple, yet beautiful bouquet may be the best choice so the bride does not feel overpowered by her embellishments. A simple arrangement of flowers in San Francisco, CA, such as posies or a selection of lavender, can be a beautiful and understated option. While the flowers are still beautiful, they complement the overall look of the bride instead of overwhelming it.
  • Flowers everywhere: The spring season is known for the blooming of flowers—what better way to express that than with luscious blooms everywhere! Think “flower overload” to create a natural garden aesthetic. To bring the look of the outdoors into a bland banquet hall, try draping floral garlands down tables or down a staircase for a look fit for a princess.
  • Luxurious centerpieces: A lush floral centerpiece can leave your guests feeling as though they are at a celebrity wedding. To give your wedding an upscale feel, let a luxurious centerpiece set the mood. A candelabra draped in flowers in San Francisco, CA will add a glamorous touch to your reception. You may also consider adding local and sustainable options to your centerpiece. These in-season flowers are generally the freshest and add a local flair to your nuptials.
  • Ferns: Your wedding is the chance to feel like a princess. Ferns are a popular option to make you feel like you are getting married in an enchanted forest. Not only are ferns a great accent to any bouquet or centerpiece, they can also be the main focus. Plus there are so many varieties available that it is easy to mix and match different types to create a lush, highly customized look. The addition of white flowers to the batch offers a classic yet unique combination of flowers in San Francisco, CA.
  • Unique boutonnieres: Flowers for men do not have to feel like they are created for someone’s senior prom. The boutonniere is a great way to reflect the style and the uniqueness of the wedding while letting the groom’s personality still shine through. Grooms may want to consider adding a small succulent to the mix of flowers in San Francisco, CA.

Whether your wedding is rustic, luxurious or simple, the most important part is that your personality and love shines through—even in the flowers. To begin creating the perfect arrangements, contact The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers today.

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