Seven Reasons to Keep Flowers in Your Office

When running a business, it is often the little details that can make or break you. Remembering the names of your clients’ spouses, taking the time to say “good morning” to each employee every day and paying a little extra for the best raw materials are all supposedly small things that can make a big difference for your company.

Another seemingly small but potentially powerful detail is the addition of fresh flowers to your workplace. Here is a look at seven reasons to adorn your office with flowers in San Francisco:

  • Impress visitors: Whether your company deals with retail customers or business clients, you likely need to have a welcoming, inviting and visually appealing space to greet them in. Flowers are an easy way to achieve that look, and to keep surprising your customers with new arrangements.
  • Calm atmosphere: Do you run a spa, teahouse, doctor’s office or other business that can benefit from a calm, serene atmosphere? If so, certain flowers and plants like lavender, orchids and many others can help achieve the desired effect. Your customers or clients will feel calm and blissful, and always have good associations with your company.
  • Attract employees: If you are in a competitive field like technology, then attracting quality job candidates is a big part of staying successful. Every little advantage can help when attracting employees, and that includes keeping a thoughtful flower arrangement in the room where the interviews will be held. Even if they do not directly notice it, the flowers will give the subtle suggestion of success and creativity.
  • Increase productivity: Studies show that being in a welcoming, calming and happy environment helps people be more productive in their work. In fact, there is even a direct scientific link between flowers and human productivity! And buying new flowers every few weeks is a whole lot easier than investing in employee motivation seminars, or enacting performance quotas.
  • Affordable decoration: Dynamic businesses know that change is essential, and that extends to your office décor. But not every business can afford frequent changes to furniture and design schemes. Fortunately, flowers offer an affordable, simple way to change up the look and feel of your workplace.
  • Encourage creativity: Regardless of whether you work in consumer goods, medicine or advertising, creativity is essential in virtually every field. Colorful flowers will help jump start your team’s creative juices, so that everyone is capable of thinking outside the corporate box.
  • Support a fellow local business: Finally, getting flowers regularly delivered to your office gives you a chance to find a fellow high quality business in the area to work with. Strong business communities and partnerships are usually good for everyone involved, so why not hire a local florist to keep your office looking sharp?

Whatever reason you have for putting flowers in your office, you need a good florist to make the task worthwhile. For high quality, diverse and reasonably priced corporate flowers in San Francisco, get in touch with The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers today.

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