The Meanings Behind Common Flowers in San Francisco, CA

Flowers in San Francisco, CA can mean so more than just a gathering of beautiful blooms. While sending someone a floral arrangement means you thought of them, flowers also have a language all their own. Whether you are planning to give someone a beautiful arrangement or are hoping to receive one, knowing the meaning behind the assortment of flowers can only serve to help one appreciate the sentiment even more.

A sweet smelling flower will be all the more meaningful when you understand the true sentiment behind its beauty. Here are a few of the traditional meanings behind some of the most common flowers in San Francisco, CA:

  • Roses: With the passion behind roses, it is no surprise that it is the top choice for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. The red rose symbolizes love, romance, beauty and perfection. If you are looking for a less serious rose, maybe for a new relationship, consider sending a pink rose. Pink roses convey happiness, gracefulness and admiration. Yellow roses are a perfect choice of flowers in San Francisco, CA to send to a friend, as they are bright, cheerful and joyful.
  • Daisies: The daisy is known for symbolizing beauty, innocence and purity. This is why a bouquet of gerbera daisies is a wonderful option to give your little ballerina after her first dance recital. The gerbera daisy is often recognized by its large flowering heads, which come in a wide variety of bright colors and shades. The daisy is so cheerful that anyone should be happy to receive an arrangement of these flowers in San Francisco, CA.
  • Tulips: Tulips can make the perfect gift for anyone in a new relationship. The elegant looking and very easily identifiable blossom is incredibly popular. Not only does the tulip symbolize both comfort and warmth, but it is also simply a classic choice. Tulips are perfect to send as an unexpected gift during the spring season, as this is the time of year when they bloom. Flowers grown in season are usually more affordable and are available in a wider variety of colors.
  • Orchids: The rare orchid blossom is a symbol of beauty, love, luxury and strength. They also convey an ancient message of exotic seduction. Orchids are a wilder choice than roses, so they are bound to make a statement. These beautiful flowers in San Francisco, CA can be given in a bouquet or in a pot.
  • Sunflowers: The sunflower is perfectly represented by its name, as it has grown to represent warmth, happiness and loyalty. You may want to consider sending a sunflower arrangement to someone after a long winter, as this flower is the epitome of summer and warm weather. Best of all, the hardy blossom is available throughout the entire year.

A knowledgeable florist will be able to tell you much more about a wide variety of flowers. Visit The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers today to learn more about the unique flowers on offer, from their symbolism to more practical matters, including caring for and nurturing your new selection.

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