Benefits of Adding a Client Gifting Program

In today’s business world, anything that can make you stand out from the crowd is a sound investment. That’s why companies are using corporate gifting programs to make their brand memorable. These gifts are capable of deepening client relationships and encouraging customers to keep coming back.

Read on to find out how to establish a client gifting program that works.

Why corporate gifting works

It’s a fact—everyone loves receiving gifts. Customers and vendors will be engaged when you give them gifts. Establishing a corporate gift strategy shows how invested your business is in its partners and reinforces your brand’s identity and values. This can be part of your foundational plan in forging long-lasting relationships.

It starts by providing an additional reason to make contact with the customer base. By offering gifts, you remind the customer of your company’s existence without asking for anything in return. You’re not specifically requesting that the customer act, and you’re not hounding them with yet another promotion—you’re just saying, “Here’s something for you to enjoy.”

Then when it comes time for tax season, these gifts can be marked as tax deductible, so long as they’re less than $25 per person. You get to reinforce your brand with customers, then lessen your tax bill.

Creating a winning gift strategy

Of course, you can’t simply give away any item and expect it to work. You need to consider exactly what you think the gift should accomplish. Here are the traits of a winning client gifting program:

  • Do your research on what the recipient will find useful: For example, those who don’t drink alcohol will likely find a corkscrew useless. Knowing your clients is the first step in crafting a solid gifting approach.
  • Remind the recipient of your company’s existence: At a minimum, you need to attach your company’s branding and logo to the gift. You may also want to provide ways for clients to reach out to you if it’s practical.
  • When possible, personalize the gift: A quick note to the client will go a long way in solidifying that relationship. The purpose of these gifts is to ensure that clients keep coming back, so make sure that the gifts are designed with them in mind.
  • Find the right time to send a gift: Many companies choose the holidays to send their gifts, but other times of year can work depending on the peaks and valleys in your particular field.

Which gifts are best?

This all depends on your business and your client list. Many companies choose high-quality pens, event tickets, custom mugs and personalized stationery. Flowers can also be a wonderful gift that will brighten your client’s day.

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