Wedding Flower Ideas for a Traditional Church Setting

You’ve found the partner of your dreams—now it’s time to find the wedding flower arrangements of your dreams. If you’re going for a traditional church setting, you may be searching for wedding flower ideas that will match your venue. You want to create a consistent aesthetic that will make your big day memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Let’s take a look at all the considerations you want to make with wedding flower arrangements.

Consider the aisles

The goal of your wedding flowers will be to make the church interior beautiful—but don’t forget the more practical considerations. For example, you want to ensure that the aisle is clear so that everyone involved in the wedding has a clear path to the altar. If the space gets tight, it may be difficult to walk down the aisle with your parents.

Create a warm welcome

That doesn’t mean you need to be conservative when it comes to the flowers! If you want those larger, splashier arrangements, have them go in the entrance. The front entrance decorations will both guide and welcome guests. A trendy entrance may include a decorative milk container with a ceremony sign and a floral arrangement that complements or matches those in the church.

Maintaining a consistent style

You may want to consider what style you’re going for first before choosing specific flowers. If you want a grand, elegant ceremony, then white roses may be an excellent choice. If you want a homier feel, then you might want to choose wildflowers instead. For those in a traditional church, you’ll likely want to avoid choices that clash, like tropical flowers.

Consider the church’s interior

You’ll want to take a look around the church before deciding on your floral arrangements. Consider which flowers best match the lighting and overall atmosphere of the church. You may end up wanting to go for a more minimal or bolder look depending on the interior and which would fit best.

Flowers for every season

Consider which flowers will be in season for your wedding. If you choose flowers that are out of season, they may be difficult to come by or may be more expensive.

Talk to an expert florist about which flowers are best during your wedding’s season; they’ll be able to provide valuable guidance. You’ll have plenty to worry about when your wedding day comes, but with the support of a florist, the flower arrangements won’t have to be one of your concerns.

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