Six Examples of Low Light Flowers in San Francisco, CA

You don’t need to be an avid gardener to appreciate plants—and owning a huge garden isn’t a prerequisite either. If you love plants, but can only have them if they are in pots, then head straight to the houseplant area of your local nursery or floral shop. Houseplants are the perfect additions for homes and offices, even those spaces with little to no natural sunlight. That being said, some potted flowers need more exposure to sunlight than others.

Which ones should you be on the lookout for? And what exactly does “low light” mean? The term “low light” means that these plants will do well with little to no direct natural sunlight. These flowers can still bloom when set a few feet away from your light source, like a sunny windowsill or in a room with artificial light.

Picking out potted house flowers for yourself or others might take a bit of research, but it’ll be worth it. Below are six examples of low light indoor flowers in San Francisco, CA:

  • Calathea: The calathea flower grows well in medium to low light. However, this potted flower needs consistent moisture to look its best. Keep in mind that the lower the light on your calathea, the less frequently it will actually flower.
  • Anthurium: The flowers on the anthurium plant resemble the shape of its own leaves, but instead of being a shade of green like its leaves, the blooms are white, red or pink. Don’t let the soil dry out—keep it moist to avoid shocking the plant. Anthurium rebloom well in medium to low light.
  • Peace lily: Not only are peace lilies perfect for homes and offices with little sunlight, they also clean and purify the indoor air you breathe. Peace lilies can thrive just fine in moderate to low light as long as the potted soil remains consistently moist. Its flowers rebloom several times a year, even in the lowest of low light conditions.
  • African violet: African violets make excellent indoor plants. The flowers on this pretty little plant are gorgeous and sport a unique appearance. In addition to doing well under minimal amounts of light, you can be relatively lax in caring for this plant and it will bloom as beautiful as ever. It’s a great surprise for someone who assumes they’ll kill any plant they have to care for!
  • Christmas cactus: The white, pink or red blooms on the Christmas cactus are best enjoyed when left on the plant. This is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for because it doesn’t need much attention or water. In fact, Christmas cactus needs 12 hours of darkness to bloom, which is why it’s a great indoor low light plant. They normally bloom during the winter months, although they don’t always bloom at Christmastime.
  • Zebra plant: Another low light indoor plant that flowers is the zebra plant. The plant itself has magnificent striped foliage that lasts all year round, and the plant produces lovely frilly yellow flowers.

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