Seven Tips for Maintaining Potted Flowers in San Francisco, CA

Whether you have been given a beautiful pot of flowers by a loved one or couldn’t resist buying a colorful cluster of blossoms for yourself, you might be staring at it right now and wondering how you’re supposed to take care of it. There’s more to keeping potted flowers alive than watering them from time to time, and not all flowers will thrive in a sunny location. So, what should you do to ensure you get to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible? Read on!

The key thing to remember is that the type of care required for potted blooms is different from that required for cut flowers in a vase of water. For starters, you need to consider the pot, soil, roots and transplanting. The following are seven tips for maintaining your potted flowers in San Francisco, CA:

  • Use a good pot: First, are your potted flowers going to be an indoor or outdoor plant? If kept indoors or sitting on the patio, choose a pot with a saucer to catch water as it drains from the soil. Either way, use a large enough pot with good drainage. Consider pots made of resin or plastic because they won’t absorb any of the plant’s water.
  • Transfer pots if necessary: Over time, your potted plant may outgrow its container and need a bigger pot. Check the plant regularly to see if roots are poking through the drainage holes.
  • Plant in the right soil: Potted flower plants need a more nutrient-rich soil, which is different from soil used for garden beds. Plants in pots don’t have the kind of water circulation that in-ground plants do. A high-quality potting soil is best.
  • Try fertilizer: Flowers in potting soil don’t necessarily need fertilizer. However, consider introducing a recommended fertilizer if the plant doesn’t seem to be growing the way it should.
  • Give more or less sun: The amount of sun needed depends on the type of flower—some need more, some need less. And you can’t simply put a flower that needs full sun in front of a window. Keeping in mind the time of day, the direction of the sunlight and the light angle, carefully map out where you will place your potted flowers.
  • Have a watering routine: You should follow the watering directions on the plant tag, but be willing to deviate if necessary. It’s best to check the soil for moisture on a daily basis, making sure to keep it damp enough for each plant. Note that the temperature of the environment, the type of soil and plant and exposure to rain all play a role in how much water the flower will need.
  • Watch out for mold and pests: Potted plants are not immune to pests and mold—especially potted flowers that are kept outdoors. Whether kept inside as a houseplant or out in the garden somewhere, potted plants lack a natural in-ground environmental counterbalance.

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