Great Color Ideas for Your Bouquet

Flowers set the tone for your wedding, and the most important flowers in the entire wedding are the ones in your bouquet. They’ll be the center of attention when you walk down the aisle and featured in many of your photos. Your flower bouquet in San Francisco, CA has to be stunning, unique and inspiring. Let’s explore some truly beautiful color palettes to inspire your very own unique bouquet:

  • Shades of pink: Shades of pink set the tone for a feminine and romantic affair. Try a combination of lipstick pink, blush, fuchsia, lilac and lemon glaze for a bright bouquet that’s perfect for springtime. Paired with greens that act as neutrals, this color combination is sure to pop against your white dress.
  • Purples and orange: Darker, muted purples set a backdrop for the pop of orange in this bouquet. Try pairing orchid, magenta, mauve and dusty violet with a few tangerine pops. Tie together with a matching tangerine tie for an especially drool-worthy combination. When these colors are brought out in the other decorations, they really make a colorful statement.
  • Pale oranges and pinks: For a softer take on your flower bouquet in San Francisco, CA, try pairing grapefruit, cantaloupe, lemon glaze, lace pink and olive. The effect is soft, feminine and warm. This color palette is reminiscent of wildflowers, with the cultivated appearance of a hand-picked and arranged finesse. It’s perfect for a summer wedding, as the muted warms fit in flawlessly with summer colors.
  • Dark reds and gold: If you’re interested in a darker palette, the combination of marsala, marigold, off-white and fern perfectly complement a romantic, more serious mood. An abundance of fern contributes to a truly natural aesthetic and tones down the rich colors of the marsala and marigold, which create a luxurious and deep mood.
  • Warm neutrals: For a more neutral palette, try a combination of honey, sand, off-white and olive colors. This is an especially great choice for a beach wedding or other outdoor setting, as the honey and sand complement natural landscapes and casual atmospheres. Rich olive colors anchor the bouquet, where the light shades of honey and sand can really stand out against an otherwise neutral backdrop.
  • Primary shades: If you love colors across the rainbow, try a combination of primary colors in complimentary shades, such as Persian blue, paprika, burgundy, butterscotch and lavender. The effect is extremely colorful without looking too preschool. Especially when muted with an abundance of greens and carefully arranged, this beautiful flower bouquet in San Francisco, CA is sure to stand out.

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