Alternative Ideas for Holiday Bouquets

The Christmas holiday decorating season is here, and there is a wide variety of flowers in San Francisco, CA that you can select for a seasonal bouquet that will help create a festive mood. As you begin choosing your floral arrangements for this year’s holiday, consider adding something a little different to the mix. Here are a few arrangement ideas that are unique, but that still capture the traditional feel of the holiday:

  • Copper and cotton: If you are looking to move away from the traditional red and green Christmas hues this year, a copper and cotton arrangement may be for you. The softness of the alabaster garden rose, white anemone and cotton keeps things light and cozy, while the bay laurel and cedar will evoke the usual warm holiday feelings.
  • Pink tones: A predominately pink floral arrangement is another chance to stray from the more traditional colors, while still capturing the essence of the holiday. Mixing in pink tones such as skimmia and mini cymbidiums with Douglas fir and red peonies gives your bouquet the best of both worlds, and will look great at the center of your table for this year’s Christmas dinner.
  • Christmas elegance: Alternatively, you might be interested in non-traditional flowers, but still want to highlight the classic red and green Christmas colors. An arrangement that includes red peonies, red ranunculus, red anemone, burgundy dahlias and seeded eucalyptus will do just that. With this collection of elegant flowers, the look will also add a touch of class to all of your holiday festivities.
  • Earth tones: For a more understated look that plays on neutral earth tones, try a collection of caramel antique garden roses, gold roses, wild crab apples, sea star fern and silver dollar eucalyptus. This arrangement will create an easygoing woodsy and rustic vibe for your gathering.
  • Tablescape flowers: Dahlias, anemone, spray roses and scented geraniums aren’t your typical Christmas flowers, but the pleasant aroma they emit will keep a smile on everyone’s face this season. Although this arrangement looks great as a table centerpiece at any time of the year, it will do a great job of keeping the mood uplifted during the holidays.
  • Green and white with red accents: Instead of making red the focal point of the arrangement, try out a collection of flowers that highlights red as an accent piece with a green and white palette. To achieve this look, select flowers such as silver dollar and seeded eucalyptus, dahlias and succulents, while working in a fresh bouquet of roses.

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