Flowers That Are Good for the Home

Flowers do much more than act as beautiful home decorations. Keeping flowers in the home can provide a slew of benefits to your everyday life. These botanical beauties can improve your mood and boost your energy, depending on the types and colors of flowers you choose to place in your abode. Visiting a flower shop in San Francisco, CA is the best way to learn all about the positive experiences associated with keeping flowers in your workspace or living area.

Research from several universities shows that flowers kept in your daily environment can augment happiness while simultaneously decreasing depression and anxiety. Well-placed bouquets and arrangements promote positive thinking, better problem-solving skills and enhanced creativity.

Flowers also improve the aroma of your home. The different scents emitted by fresh or living flowers can affect your mood in different ways. Sweet-smelling flowers, for instance, can help you wind down from a hard day of work. More potent floral scents, on the other hand, help to keep your mind awake and focused.

Here are just a few types of flowers that can improve the atmosphere of your living space:

  • Flowering maple: This shrub-like plant from southern Brazil has intricate leaves closely resembling those of the maple tree. Flowering maple produces flowers with a papery texture and shades of red, pink, orange and yellow. The plant blooms from June through October. The overall appearance of this flowering maple portrays fall tones. You can use the flowering maple to accentuate the fall season and bring the outdoors into your home!
  • Kaffir lily: The Kaffir lily blooms in the late winter and early spring. It produces vibrant bunches of reddish-orange and yellow tube-shaped flowers. The Kaffir lily only blooms once it has been exposed to cool, dry conditions. Kaffir lilies are easy to grow, and their flowers bring bright pops of color to winter days. Be sure to keep your pets away from kaffir lilies, however—they are extremely toxic to dogs and cats.
  • African violet: African violets are one of the easiest flowers to grow in your home. These plants bloom throughout the year, and require minimal effort. There are many different types of African violets. If you keep this plant near a bright window, it will produce nearly constant flowers. Don’t let any cold water make direct contact with the plant’s fuzzy leaves to prevent brown spots from forming.
  • Silver vase plant: The silver vase plant, which is closely related to the urn plant, is just one of many different popular household bromeliads. These plants are frequently desired for the tropical and exotic appearance of their flowers. The silver vase plant has leathery leaves that form stunning and elegant arches. Its leaves bear a striking pattern of mosaic silver and oceanic green.

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