Using Food Coloring to Create Cool Flower Colors

Are you looking for a great way to introduce children to the world of science, or simply to bring an extra pop of color into your home? You can blend science with art in one long-standing, ever-popular experiment: using food coloring to change the appearance of white flowers!

This activity showcases how water ventures through plants. It is a simple and fun activity that experimenters of all ages can enjoy.

Necessary supplies

Here are the supplies you’ll need to execute this project. Most of these can be purchased at a floral store in San Francisco, CA:

  • White flowers: Carnations, daisies and mums work particularly well for this experiment. If you’d like to try other flowers, consult with an expert at a floral store in San Francisco, CA.
  • Food coloring: You should find bright, interesting colors that contrast and complement each other. Blues, reds and greens are particularly well-suited for this experiment. Lighter colors, like yellows, may not be easy to see and identify.
  • Vases: You should find clear vases made of either glass or plastic. You will want the vases to be large enough to stir the food coloring and water together. Ask your florist for assistance if you can’t find a suitable container.

Commence the experiment

Once you’ve paid a visit to your local florist and have obtained all the necessary equipment, here are the steps you should take to begin the experiment itself:

  • Color the water: Start the experiment by adding between 20 and 30 drops of food coloring to your vases. Then, fill them with water and stir until the color is fully incorporated.
  • Trim away: Next, you will want to trim the stems of the flowers at a diagonal angle. This will help them absorb the water more easily. Then, place them into the colored water.
  • Hurry up and wait: Sit back and let time and nature do the rest. Every few hours, check on the flowers. You will soon begin notice that the flowers are forming speckles reflecting the color of the water.
  • Take a look at the stem: Once the color in the flower is noticeable, trim the stems vertically. This will allow you to take a look at how the water travels from the base of the plant up to the petals.
  • Enjoy: As time passes, the flowers will absorb more of the color of the water. Depending on what flowers you use, the colors may appear differently. Mums tend to have their colors manifest at the tips of their petals. Carnations, on the other hand, undergo a more noticeable and drastic change.

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