Trends for Spring Wedding Flowers in San Francisco, CA

Winter may have just begun, but if you are planning a wedding between March and May, it might feel like spring is right around the corner. With your big day only a few months away, you probably have no shortage of things to think about, coordinate and plan. The dress, the food, the venue and the date are all integral aspects of a wedding. Although these things land at the top of wedding to-do lists, your guests will often remember smaller details most vividly—especially details that are unique to your event.

Floral arrangements are one detail that can really make an impact on the tone of your event and the enjoyment of your guests, and you can order flowers that are tailored to reflect your style and preferences. If you need some inspiration for the floral arrangements at your wedding, consider some of the trends that can be seen in spring wedding flowers in San Francisco, CA:

  • Floral ceiling features: You spent months searching for the perfect venue—why not show it off? You can maximize every square inch of your event space by accentuating the walls and ceilings with unique floral features. You can have your florist create special pieces with string, ribbon, textiles and flower bulbs and blooms that hang from the ceiling for a unique attention grabber.
  • Other floral fashion: Not all of the flowers at your wedding have to come directly from the ground. You can incorporate the beauty of flowers in your wardrobe by choosing bridesmaid dresses with bold floral patterns or by finding a wedding gown that incorporates flower-inspired detailing.
  • Tropical springtime twist: You don’t have to stick with the traditional choices for your wedding bouquet. Why not bring some warmth to your getup with tropical flowers? Hydrangeas and tulips may not be the most common options when it comes to bridal bouquets, but they can really add a little something extra to your wedding procession.
  • Springy blooms and garlands: One of the most notable trends for springtime weddings is having flowers scattered just about everywhere. Place floral garlands on tables, around chairs, along the aisle and across the altar. You can also incorporate flowers into your wedding by weaving them into your hair or using delicate flowers to create boutonnieres for the members of your wedding party. As a general rule of thumb, there is no such thing as too many wedding flowers in San Francisco, CA!

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