What’s Trending for 2018 in the World of Flowers?

Flowers are gorgeous living things that can add beauty to all sorts of events and occasions. They are the focal point of a wedding procession, a delicate hair accessory, a thoughtful expression of condolences during mourning and a decorative addition to a holiday table. Regardless of where flowers are found, there is no denying their aesthetic appeal.

One of the most wonderful things about flower arrangements in San Francisco, CA is that they can come in limitless variations. Different flowers combined with other plants and elements can create an arrangement that is specifically designed for you. Even though flower arrangements are infinitely customizable and personal, there are also certain trends that come and go when it comes to floral arrangements. Learning about these trends can be fun, and it can also give you the inspiration you need to plan your next floral arrangement:

  • Floral arches: Weddings almost always feature floral features and arrangements. At many weddings, couples have been choosing to incorporate a floral archway as a part of the ceremony. Using flowers to adorn an archway creates an incredible aesthetic that can reflect the mood and theme of your wedding as a whole and set a romantic tone for your ceremony.
  • Greens and blooms: Even though flowers have remained the centerpiece of most arrangements, green leaves and foliage have made their mark when it comes to floral trends this year. This earthy, natural look is all the rage and offers a more organic aesthetic.
  • Illuminated arrangements: There are some pretty incredible ways that people are incorporating flowers into their events. Some have even used flowers in lighting features that hang from walls and ceilings. This makes for a great focal point at an event or party and it’s something that guests certainly won’t forget.
  • Pretty in pink: This year, vibrant pinkish hues aren’t going anywhere. One especially popular shade is being referred to as “millennial pink,” and it’s all the rage for all sorts of events and occasions.
  • Endless customization: The best thing about flower arrangements in San Francisco, CA is that they can look like whatever you want them to look like. The possibilities are endless and you can get an arrangement that expresses your personality perfectly. Regardless of the year’s trends, you can always choose an arrangement that is unique to you.

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