Flower Oils Offer Numerous Benefits for Your Skin

Most people admire flowers for their aesthetic qualities, but these beautiful buds have so much more to offer. Some flowers are dried and blended into herbal teas, others can be used as edible garnishes in flavorful dishes and some even have healing properties. In fact, there are a number of oil blends derived from flowers that have been used to address a number of common ailments and skin conditions.

Knowing what kinds of healing properties different flowers have can give you more insight into your treatment options the next time you experience a common skin ailment. Utilizing oils derived from flowers in San Francisco, CA allows you to take advantage of natural healing instead of turning to chemical remedies when faced with the following skin problems:

  • Dry skin: When you experience dry skin, try out lotus flower for a conditioning treatment. Lotus has been used for thousands of years due to its fragrance and soothing nature. The flower has been known to hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lighten dark spots and promote increased elasticity. Orchid flowers can also have moisturizing effects for dry skin.
  • Redness: Most people are familiar with the iconic appearance of a rose, but did you know that this regal flower can also improve skin redness? Rose oil has been associated with the healing of blood vessels in the skin that cause redness. This can be attributed to the vitamin C that is present in the flower. This form of vitamin C is often favorable in skin care applications, since the vitamin C found in citrus fruits can be damaging to skin.
  • Inflammation: Chamomile is most commonly associated with a relaxing herbal tea, but it can also be used in natural skin care. This flower, like the rose, reduces redness by strengthening the skin’s capillaries. Additionally, it improves the elasticity of the skin and calms inflammation and irritation.
  • Oil imbalance: Whether your skin is too oily or excessively dry, lavender oil can help. It acts as an antiseptic that restores oil balance. It does this by normalizing the skin’s production of sebum. What’s more, lavender has a distinct fragrance that promotes calm and relaxation.
  • Clogged pores: There are hundreds of products on the market intended to eliminate clogged pores, but the high concentration of chemicals and prohibitive price tags on many of them can make them less attractive options. For a natural alternative, try jasmine. It has been known to alleviate clogged pores, and it also hydrates and softens skin. Jasmine also promotes circulation, which can improve skin coloration.

Flowers have so many fantastic properties, but perhaps their most appreciated characteristic is their beautiful appearance. At The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers, we have been working with flowers of all kinds since 1939. Our locally owned flower shop has been the premier source for flowers in San Francisco, CA for decades, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to excellence. Our first priority is the happiness of the customers whom we work with, and we strive to deliver the best experience possible every time.

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