Six Floral Arrangements in San Francisco, CA to Send on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, now is the time to start thinking about what type of floral arrangements in San Francisco, CA you might want to send to your loved one. While roses are the traditional flowers sent on this day, you may want to spice things up with some new flower options to show that special someone how much you care:

  • Tulips: Think about a floral arrangement that incorporates tulips. This joyous flower signals spring is ahead, and will be the perfect gift to brighten your loved one’s day. Tulips come in an array of colors and can be mixed with other spring flowers for an arrangement that really shines and shows that you are thinking of that someone special on Valentine’s Day.
  • Gerber daisies: For festive floral arrangements in San Francisco, CA, try sending Gerber daisies to that someone you admire on Valentine’s Day. These colorful flowers are a unique way to show someone you care and think of them as more than a friend. Gerber daisies are playful and whimsical, and are perfect for that person with whom you love to pal around and have some fun.
  • Birds of paradise: Go tropical with some birds of paradise, as these detailed flowers are like no other. Their vibrant color will make anyone perk up and put a smile on their face. This is ideal for that quirky and one-of-a-kind person who will truly appreciate floral arrangements in San Francisco, CA that are different and stray from the typical roses of Valentine’s Day.
  • Carnations: Carnations are another popular choice for Valentine’s Day, as these hardy flowers last a long time and can be displayed anywhere. Send white carnations to your true love and red to those for whom you care deeply.
  • Hyacinths: For floral arrangements in San Francisco, CA that smell out of this world, try hyacinths. These fragrant flowers will give aroma to any room and provide your loved one with a sweet smell on Valentine’s Day. Add gardenias or freesia for even more fragrance, as these flowers smell lovely, too.
  • Orchids: For a little mystery this Valentine’s Day, send orchids to the one you have had an eye on. These flowers are perfect for catching the heart of a new love, as these delicate flowers have a hint of intrigue to them. They come in virtually every color you can imagine, and make for modern floral arrangements in San Francisco, CA for that special someone.

For Valentine’s Day this year, try floral arrangements in San Francisco, CA that inspire love like no other. Your special someone will appreciate flowers that are as unique as they are, knowing that you thought of them when you picked them out. To find flowers for your special someone, visit The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers. We are a locally owned flower shop that specializes in finding the right floral arrangement for any occasion, including Valentine’s Day. Come see us today to begin putting together the ideal arrangement!

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