Surprise Your Guy with Flowers in San Francisco, CA

You might be thinking about getting the special guy in your life something to show your appreciation for everything he has been to you. If you are looking for a small but thoughtful gift that will put a smile on his face, consider getting him flowers in San Francisco, CA.

Selecting the right type

If you successfully select the right kind of flowers to match the personality type of the man you are giving them to, flowers can be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to a man. Although the beauty of colorful bouquets can be appreciated by all, sending an arrangement that features just one color is usually more appealing to men. You can even take it a step further and select a specific color that you know he will enjoy. For example, you can pick the color of his favorite sports team, or a rustic fall color for an outdoorsy man.

If you just can’t resist a livelier and more colorful option, you can send an exotic tropical arrangement. These arrangements typically feature strong, bolder colors that attract men with correspondingly strong personalities. Contemporary arrangements with natural lines also appeal to masculinity, and would be a great addition to any manly space. Whichever flowers you choose, try to avoid elaborate or delicate wrapping when you present them, and stick with a clean and purposeful look.

Is there a right time to give a man flowers?

Just like anyone, men appreciate knowing that someone is thinking of them enough to acknowledge their efforts. Although it may be relatively unknown, men enjoy receiving flowers on many of the same occasions as women. Think back to all of the special occasions that he has sent you flowers in the past, and chances are, those would be great opportunities to send him flowers as well. Father’s Day is one of the best occasions to send a man flowers, and sending a bouquet will surely make this day even more special for him.

You could also consider sending an arrangement for him to place on his desk at work, which will add a unique element to the scenery of his office in addition to serving as a daily reminder of your love for him. Anniversaries, birthdays or a “thinking of you” surprise are other instances in which you can show him how much you care with an arrangement of fresh flowers. Just as the surprise of receiving flowers for no reason at all is exciting for you, it can similarly be the highlight of your guy’s day as well.

Spontaneity and creativity in gift giving can make anyone feel special and loved. We are fortunate to be living in a time where equity is a priority, and flowers in San Francisco, CA are a thoughtful gift that can be given to anyone at any time. If you need assistance making the right selection, the knowledgeable staff at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers can help you pick the perfect bouquet for your perfect guy. Stop by today to peruse our selection!

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