Three Most Common Reasons for Floral Gifts in San Francisco, CA

Flowers are one gift that is guaranteed to make the recipient feel appreciated. When someone receives flowers, they immediately know that you are thinking of them and their current situation. Whether you’re gifting flowers to celebrate an accomplishment or express your sympathies, there are countless different meanings behind the flowers people choose every day.

Though there are many occasions where flowers are appropriate, the following are a few examples of the most common reasons people purchase floral gifts in San Francisco, CA:

To celebrate love

Most people purchase flowers during Valentine’s Day, for anniversaries or for mother’s day as a way to show their love. With Valentine’s Day approaching, don’t feel confined to roses; tulips and lilies are special as well. If you’re celebrating an anniversary, sometimes getting similar flowers to the ones you had at your wedding is heartfelt. It will make your significant other remember moments from one of the most important and special days in his or her life. Flowers for these occasions will always show your devotion and appreciation for your special someone.

To express sympathies

When someone loses a family member, it’s often a lonely and grim time in their life. Giving that person flowers shows them that you care for them and their loved one, and it says that you’ll always be there for them, no matter what. White lilies symbolize purity, and are often a popular choice when trying to express condolences.

In addition, if someone is sick, whether it’s serious or not, flowers offer an ideal way to make a person feel more at home in a hospital room, which is often white and boring. Gerbera daisies – which come in a multitude of colors – can add a pop of color to an otherwise stark setting. Not only will it brighten any patient’s room, but it will also help give him or her a positive attitude, which is essential to getting better soon.

To celebrate an occasion

There are many “next stage” occasions in life that can be celebrated with the gift of flowers. A new baby is a perfect example. You can stick to a pink or blue theme, depending on the gender, or you can mix it up to represent the joy in a new parent’s life. Additionally, you can also share flowers to celebrate someone’s promotion at work. Stargazers, which symbolize ambition, or sunflowers, which can symbolize pride, are great for these occasions.

A graduation of any kind is another common reason why people receive flowers. Stargazers and sunflowers are great, but pink roses can be perfect for graduates as well. Perhaps an obvious “next stage” event is a birthday. If your loved one has to go to work on their birthday, it would be special if they get flowers sent to their workplace.

Sometimes you may not even need a reason to gift flowers for someone in your life. Flowers are great for pick-me-ups and they make people happy. Getting “just because” flowers can sometimes be even more meaningful. To purchase floral gifts in San Francisco, CA, visit The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers today.

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