How Adding Flowers to the Workplace Can Boost Productivity

We all want to find ways to make the work day better. Work can be stressful. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of magic trick that would put people in a better mood and boost productivity? Well, there is: Flowers.

Adding flowers to any space can help to increase a sense of well-being and calm. This quick guide shows you how office flowers can provide 5 ways to boost your productivity, and how to make your office more productive with flowers. 

Release Creativity and Increase Positivity

Professional studies have been conducted of both men and women in the workplace to determine different things that might boost creativity. One surprising result of this research was the discovery that placing fresh flowers in the work space had a huge influence on idea generation, innovative thought, solution-finding, and problem-solving. Participants in the study even had a noticeable reduction in negative feelings.

Better Health

Flowers can have an indirect effect on your health — and when you’re healthy, you’re more productive. So, how exactly do flowers affect health? Flowers in general can reduce depression and stress. Both depression and stress impair your immune system, making it more difficult to fight off infections.

Research suggests that office spaces that prioritize the presence of fresh flowers or plants see almost half of the sick days as offices that do not.

Adding flowers to a work space could cut down on the instances of viruses spreading and employees needing more sick time off from work. Healthy workers are productive workers.

Relaxed But Productive

Many people have a great misconception concerning high achievement. Countless experiments and years of anecdotal evidence have shown that the highest-performing individuals are those who know how to relax in the face of the task. Long-term high performance is often accompanied by a state of relaxed readiness. This is different from the kind of relaxation you feel when you are at home watching TV.

Relaxed readiness means that you are calm and relaxed and ready to take on a task. The task is not causing you any anxiety, and you feel confident that you will succeed. Creating a stress-free workplace with flowers can help employees achieve this state of mind while working. People who work in this state of mind experience fewer mistakes and are more productive overall.

Focused Attention

Our attention span is often influenced by the environment we are in. Creating an environment that is conducive to sustained focus increases the productivity of your team. Prioritizing fresh flowers and plants in the office over more stimulating accessories can help create an environment that sustains focus and productivity.