Christmas Flower Arrangement Ideas

It’s the season for celebrations! Make sure your house is dressed to impress with decorations and accessories fit for the occasion. Here are some ways to use flowers for Christmas decorations and arrangements. 


Poinsettias are such a sweet treat around this time of the year. With vibrant red flowers, they’re sure to catch your eye no matter where you put them in the room. But why tuck it in a corner when you can put it front and center?

Use a gold pot for your poinsettia to really make its colors pop out. Any neutral-colored pot will do if you don’t have a gold pot. That’s because you want to highlight the flower, and using a subtle pot color perfectly achieves that. 

And, of course, gold and red have always been a perfect combination, especially for the holidays! It’s a quick and easy way to achieve elegance despite its simplicity.


Another popular choice among traditional Christmas flowers & plants is the Amaryllis. Like the poinsettia, it also comes in bright red, although other varieties also come in white. Either way, it’s going to look great in your Christmas setup.

You can arrange them together with other foliage, twigs, and even berries. If you’re going for a Winter Wonderland theme, you can use the white variety instead. 

Another reason it’s such a great option for Christmas flower arrangements is that they bloom beautifully even indoors during the harsh winter. They can bloom for seven weeks and stay alive in a vase for as long as three weeks at least. 

In other words, they offer great value both in aesthetics and money. To keep it looking bright and fresh for longer, make sure to put it where it can get as much natural light as possible.

Christmas Foliage

Christmas foliage makes the perfect accent to your seasonal floral arrangement. It includes berries, pine cones, fir, holly, eucalyptus, and mistletoe, among others. Put together, it can achieve a really elegant composition of the season’s natural best. 

You don’t have to put them all together, either. Each element can stand on its own but also would do well paired. Use it as a low centerpiece on the dining table, or assemble it as a Christmas gift bouquet. 


Another flower that sticks well to the seasonal theme is the Star-of-Bethlehem. This petite white flower would complement your amaryllis or poinsettia arrangements. On their own, their pure white color would make a great contrast with berries and pine cones for a more rustic feel. 

There are plenty more Christmas floral arrangements to explore. Get planning right away to make it in time for the celebrations!