Elegant Thanksgiving Arrangements You Can’t Go Wrong With

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and finding that perfect centerpiece can be a struggle. There are so many gorgeous flowers out there that you can choose from. Taking the time to learn about a few options can make choosing that perfect centerpiece easier than you might think.

Common Flowers for Thanksgiving Centerpieces & Arrangements

Mums are perhaps the unofficial flower of fall. They are stunning when clipped for a bouquet and just as gorgeous when planted around the yard or left in pots. These are a great standalone flower or a great pairing flower, depending on what look you are going for.

Sunflowers are another stunning flower for fall. They are striking and draw all the right attention to your bouquets. They are also easy to come by and are best to be harvested in the later summer or early fall months.

Carnations are a striking choice. These are easy to keep looking great, even after they are picked, and they come in nearly any color you can imagine. They are great if you are looking for an easy flower that can be added to your bouquet or that can be a single-flower bouquet as well. The aster is another great fall flower that is gorgeous. They are usually yellow, a perfect color to bring some fun to the fall weather.

Thanksgiving Flowers and Meanings

  • Mums – The mum signifies beauty and joy even though winter is approaching. What better flower to have on hand this fall while we enjoy the mild weather before the cold and snow set in?
  • Sunflowers – These symbolize adoration and loyalty and are a great way to commemorate your family and friends this Thanksgiving.
  • Carnations – Carnations are the flower of love, and that is something that we share with our families this holiday season. Carnations are a great flower if you want something that has a great deal of meaning and can work for both fall and winter.
  • Asters – These signify love and wisdom and are a great flower for bridging the seasons between summer and fall and as you move into the winter months.

These are just some of the great flowers out there and some of their meanings that you might want to consider. Of course, any flower that you love is going to make a gorgeous centerpiece that you really love. Flowers are a fantastic way to express how you feel and to make a statement.