Patriotic 4th of July Flower Arrangement

The Fourth of July is directly around the corner, and that means something spectacular for many people. It’s a time to gather with family and celebrate independence. Usually, Fourth of July celebrations include fireworks, togetherness, and many decorations that revolve around red, white, and blue colors. The following are some ideas for celebratory arrangements:

Balloons All-Around

Balloons are always very festive, and they’d go perfectly with an Independence Day Celebration. You could put lovely red, white, and blue balloons on the back of the table chairs to brighten up things a bit. This layout will get everyone in the mood for the holiday without getting too elaborate.  

Poolside Layout

You have the perfect setup for a hot dog and snacks table with the theme of independence. You might want to put a little plaque on the table and red, white, and blue bowls for the popcorn and condiments. You could also drape a "Happy Fourth of July" banner across the front of the table to give the arrangement more depth. 

Layered Fourth of July BBQ Flowers

A layered flower is a gorgeous concept for a holiday. For vibrant holidays centerpieces in the middle of the table with red, white, and blue can’t go wrong. Roses are an excellent choice. You might have to dig to find some blue roses, but they are available. They can go in the center, and then you can add some festive fluffy red and blue pillows to pad the seats. It’s your choice whether to add colorful utensils and napkins, but the flowers can work wonders by themselves. 

Cherry Pie for the Red

Another idea is to use food for the colors. For example, a bowl of cherries can be your red. Then you can add blue and red pails or buckets for the cherries, which will add another dimension of color. That might not be quite enough, so you may need to put a star-spangled table cloth down to give your arrangement a full effect. 

Flag pinwheels are another fun idea. All you have to do for this arrangement is buy a box of American flag pinwheels and put them in a bucket. You’ll have half of your arrangement there, and the other half can consist of colored plates and beer bottles with blue labels. Again, you may have to go on a bit of a shopping spree to find the best items. 

Those are just a handful of ideas thrown your way. You can alter and innovate any of these ideas into your own fantastic Independence Day arrangement.