Show Thanks by Bringing the Best Gift to Thanksgiving Dinner

When you are visiting someone else’s house for Thanksgiving, it is a nice gesture to bring something for the table that everyone can enjoy. While pumpkin pies are nice, unless you’ve been specifically asked to bring one, odds are there will already be enough desserts to feed everyone many times over.

So, what do you bring to someone’s house for Thanksgiving? Wine can be a good option, but if you want to bring something that truly everyone can enjoy, you may want to consider a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers can be a beautiful addition to the Thanksgiving table. They can, of course, be moved to make room for the food when it’s dinnertime, but, in the meantime, a bouquet of flowers can be a stunning piece of the holiday aesthetic.

If you’re wondering, “What are the four flowers that are traditionally used on Thanksgiving tables?” read on to find out!

Traditional Thanksgiving flowers

Bringing a flower bouquet to Thanksgiving is a nice gesture, and flowers are always appreciated, but to make the gesture truly special, you can go the extra mile by considering what type of flowers are traditionally on display for Thanksgiving. This way, there will be a better chance that they will go with the aesthetic that your host is already aiming for and fit right in on the Thanksgiving table.

Four flowers that are traditionally used on Thanksgiving tables include sunflowers, mums, Peruvian lilies and cushion poms. These flowers are beautiful on their own or combined in a custom arrangement. The color palettes of these flowers go well together and feel warm and festive at the same time.

Mums (or chrysanthemums) are actually tropical plants but have recently been grown as a fall flowering annual. These come in several colors, including yellow, purple, red, bronze and pink, and they look great fresh cut as well as dried.

Sunflowers are a big, statement flower. They are bright and beautiful with their festive yellow coloring. While the sun may be starting to set earlier in the fall, a bouquet with sunflowers can make it feel like the sun stays out just a little longer on the Thanksgiving table.

Cushion poms are a type of chrysanthemum. These flowers can be found in colors that pop in a fall color palette, like white, yellow and lavender. They grow on long stems that give them versatility in a flower arrangement.

Peruvian lilies are a standout in a centerpiece bouquet. They have a wide color variety and bring a warm and festive feeling, especially to a formal Thanksgiving table.

Get a custom arrangement

When you’re looking for what to bring to someone’s house for Thanksgiving, look no further than flowers. When you’re looking to make a good impression and show your gratitude to your Thanksgiving host, a custom flower arrangement is a great way to say it. For the professional touch and expertise in Thanksgiving flower arrangements (or arrangements for any occasion), visit or get in touch with The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers today.