Ideas for Your Fall Flower Arrangements

Fall might mean cooler temperatures and the leaves changing colors, but it can also offer some unique ideas for floral arrangements. When most people think of flowers, their mind likely jumps to the spring and summer seasons and their accompanying bright colors.

However, like pumpkin spice, autumn floral arrangements are a trend that’s catching on. You might be wondering what flowers are used in a fall flower arrangement. We’ll cover this below, along with how to pick the flowers for a fall flower arrangement.


There’s nothing quite like the vibrant yellow petals of a sunflower. Though they typically bloom in late summer, you can sometimes find them in the fall. If you do, consider pairing some yellow sunflowers with red sunflowers for an autumnal feel and analogous color scheme. You could try a pitcher in lieu of a vase for a more rustic arrangement.


When it comes to colors, you won’t do much better than marigolds. They naturally bloom in trademark fall colors like gold, yellow, orange and white. They can also have maroon accents. You can mix shades of marigolds and either put them in a vase as part of a larger centerpiece, or place several smaller bunches in mason jars as decorations around your home.


Chrysanthemums are a traditional fall flower that symbolize positivity and joy. You can find them in virtually any fall color, including white, yellow, pink, orange and red. They begin blooming in early fall, and have long been associated with the month of November. You can try a square vase and mix in some sunflowers, marigolds or some orange or red roses to complete your arrangement.


When deciding how to pick the flowers for a fall flower arrangement, it helps to prioritize versatility. Zinnias are a popular pick because they come in many different shapes and sizes. When someone thinks of a zinnia, they may think of a red, pink or purple flower.

Zinnias do come in those shades, and you could use those pink and purple flowers to accent your arrangement. But you can find zinnias in orange, white and yellow shades as well, in addition to some bi-color varieties. They pair nicely with dahlias and would work in a larger, rounder pot.


Speaking of dahlias, these flowers are a great selection to build your autumn floral arrangement around. Like zinnias, their wide swath of colors makes dahlias an adaptable flower as well.

You can create something light by pairing white dahlias with golden spider mums, or something dark by implementing black dahlias and accenting them with purple hazel leaves, ears of purple corn and purple artichokes.

Or, you could opt for something more traditional like the bright orange or lightly tinted orange autumn dahlia, which was specifically bred for its orange sunburst appearance.

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