The Benefits of Having Flowers in the Workplace

What’s the secret to a more productive and harmonious office? Adding natural beauty to your décor with flowers can make a big difference in the tone and vibe of any office space. Here are just some of the benefits of having flowers in the office.

Reducing stress

Adding office floral arrangements to break rooms, conference rooms, front desk areas and other spaces can reduce stress. The sight of flowers releases dopamine, the brain’s “feel-good” chemical. If you want to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety in your employees or coworkers, fresh, cheerful flowers should play an important part in your overall interior decoration strategy.

Promoting good health

Less stress in the office leads to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Keeping fresh flowers in the office gives workers a better sense of wellbeing, leading to fewer sick days and more productive workdays. In addition to their visual aspects, the calming and peaceful scents produced by fresh flowers can have therapeutic benefits. Enjoying the delightful aroma of flowers can help even the most high-strung employees decompress and have a better day.

Boosting productivity

How do flowers in the office improve productivity? There’s a direct link between flowers and plants in a workplace and the relative productivity of employees. Both women and men who were exposed to plants in an office environment showed significant improvement in both problem-solving and innovative thinking.

Enhancing creativity

Exposure to flowers has been shown to boost creative thinking in people. One factor in support of this theory is that exposure to nature automatically shifts the brain into a more relaxed mood, changing the way information is processed. Creative thinking is important for businesses in every industry, and you can make the most of your workday by bringing fresh flowers into the workplace.

Improving aesthetics

Offices can often be drab, dull and unremarkable environments. Flowers instantly enliven any interior space, adding a colorful and bright touch to any workplace. If you’re in a customer-facing industry and have direct contact with clients, having fresh flowers in the office can lend credibility to your business or brand. Visitors to your office will feel more connected, generating goodwill for your business.

Inspiring bonding

A cohesive team is a team that’s always ready to perform at its best. Giving and receiving flowers is an inherently social encounter. They engender thoughts of positive interactions, kindness and generosity, inspiring bonding with others. Since flowers make people relaxed and happy, they help open you up to the people around you, creating a more pleasant work environment.

Office flower arrangements serve much more than just a decorative purpose. They can truly shift the mood, tone and atmosphere in any interior space, which is especially important in a place where people spend so many of the waking hours of their day. Enjoy all the benefits that fresh flowers in the workplace provide by reaching out to The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers today. Discover how fresh office floral arrangements can transform your office into an inspiring, more pleasant place to work.