Tips for Trimming Your Indoor Flowers

There are numerous advantages to having a home filled with beautiful, blooming flowers. Study after study has shown that surrounding yourself with gorgeous houseplants can reduce your stress, improve your mood, increase brain function and more. Various flowers can help you sleep better and make relationships easier to maintain. There’s no end to the benefits that well-kept flowers can have.

Of course, to reap the rewards of having a houseful of plants, you have to know the best ways to trim your indoor flowers in San Francisco, CA. Fortunately, you don’t need a literal green thumb to keep your beloved houseplants looking their best. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Go sharp or go home

By and large, you can accomplish most in-house flower trimming with a pair of scissors or a dedicated set of handheld pruning shears. Whichever one you choose is up to you. That said, when you’re picking your tool, make sure the blades are very sharp. The duller the blades, the higher the risk that you might damage the plant. What’s more, worn blades increase the chances you’ll hurt yourself, too.

Prune dead bits carefully

Almost anyone can identify a dead stem, leaf or flower. They’re dry, discolored and brittle. What you may not realize is that leaving those dead parts of your plant intact actually puts a strain on the remaining healthy parts of your flowers. Make sure to prune them as quickly as possible.

When to trim

Just as critical as how to trim is when to trim. Typically, if you have a houseplant that doesn’t flower, you should prune it during the late winter. If your houseplant does blossom, then you should wait until the end of its flowering season. You should never prune a flower while there are unopened buds on the plant. If you’re curious about when and how to trim flowers in San Francisco, CA, talk to your local florist.

Prune the longer stems

Once the dead parts have been pruned, you should start looking at the longest limbs on your flower. Prune back about half of the longer branches, including any stems that shoot out much farther than the others. Be careful not to cut off any flower-producing stems during this process. Pruning the longer branches allows your flower to devote more energy to growing those flowery branches you love so much.

Your flower partner

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