How Often Do House Flowers Need to Be Watered?

The age-old question for gardeners is how often they should water indoor plants. Watering schedules differ depending on the species, but it’s always better to go light than overdo it. Below is a quick guide to how often you need to water indoor flowers and plants. If you have further questions, consult your local florist in San Francisco, CA.

Water every few days during warm months

House plants and flowers need consistent water intake during the spring and summer because that’s when they grow the most. Every plant differs from the rest in some way, but most will do just fine under the same watering schedule. A general rule is to water house plants once every two to four days during the warm months.

Plants and flowers grow less in the winter, which means they’ll need less water. However, this doesn’t mean you should leave them alone until spring! Some novice gardeners will barely water at all during the winter, simply because they’re not sure how often to water indoor flowers. Watering your plants once a week is likely enough to keep them happy when it’s cold.

Soak succulent compost when it’s dry

Cacti and succulents make wonderful first house plants for homeowners in San Francisco, CA. They require very little effort to maintain and are just as beautiful as more temperate plants. If you’re wondering how often you should water indoor plants like succulents, look at the compost. Once it dries up, give them a little bit of water.

Avoid waterlogging the soil

Beware the common mistake of overwatering house plants. New gardeners are often so afraid of neglecting their house plants that they’ll overwater to avoid seeing them wither and die. On the contrary, too much water often leads to a death sentence. Waterlogged soil attracts disease and encourages mold to grow. How often you water indoor plants should decrease if you notice excess water sitting in the saucer.

Some plants need special watering regimens

How often you water indoor flowers depends on the species. Some house plants don’t even use soil! For example, air plants have grown in popularity because they’re easy to take care of and will live in any container you give them—decorative plates, glass orbs, even a seashell. To care for your air plants, let them soak for an hour once a week and leave to dry.

Other house plants can go weeks without water. Bromeliads are a group of indoor plants characterized by blossoming, cup-like leaves that act like a reservoir. In addition to wetting the compost, fill your bromeliad’s leaves with water about once a month.

If you need more tips on how to water house plants, get in touch with the professional florists at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers. We nurture a vast array of plants and flowers in San Francisco, CA for special occasions or people simply looking to spruce up their home. No matter which plants our customers are looking for, they’re sure to find them here!

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