Flowers with the Best Scents for Your Home

There’s more to the phrase, “Stop and smell the flowers,” than it might at first seem. The statement implies that it is worthwhile to stop occasionally and take a break to appreciate the world around you. That’s obvious. But there’s a more straightforward way to take advantage of this age-old phrase, and that is to actually stop and smell some flowers.

The various smells that flowers emit have been proven to demonstrate a host of benefits. More than just attracting insects for pollination, a flower’s scent can calm you down, reduce anxiety, release endorphins and even improve your physical health. In short, smelling the flowers isn’t just a nice break—it’s good for you!

Of course, not everyone has the time to deviate from their busy schedule to walk through a garden. For those people, a potted plant can be a great option. Looking for some help? Here are the best fragrant flowers in San Francisco, CA.


Jasmine may be the perfect indoor flower. This unique star-shaped flower grows inside better than most alternatives. In addition, its scent has been linked to a reduction in depression as well as an improvement in the overall calm of its owners.


A lovely conical flower, lavender is most often grown outdoors. It’s easy enough to transplant to a pot, however, and provided it is placed in a spot that receives a lot of sun, lavender grows beautifully inside. The scent of fresh lavender can also help those suffering from insomnia and anxiety issues.


In addition to being some of the flowers with the best fragrance in San Francisco, CA, gardenias are also known to promote peace. The plant’s robust white flowers are offset by deep green leaves. This color combination has been shown to develop a peaceful mindset in people who experience it.

Scented geraniums

Perhaps you’re not much for the natural scent of a flower. That’s no problem. A scented geranium can be cultivated to provide a broad assortment of smells, including apricot, lemon, apple, mint and more. These delicate little flowers can act like scented candles that never run out of wax.


If you’re in the mood for a more challenging potted plant to grow, consider citrus. A naturally shy-looking blossom emits familiar scents typically reserved for oranges and lemons. These smells are often associated with a lift in mood.

Your flower emporium

In 1939, The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers opened its doors with one simple goal: to provide the best fragrant flowers in San Francisco, CA. More than 80 years later, our Richmond District location has become an icon in the community. Now run by expert flower designer Roxane Rockwell, The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers has become a beloved institution that can be relied on for an impressive array of flowers and some of the most unique and alluring flower arrangements on the West Coast.

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