What Flowers Require the Least Amount of Maintenance?

Almost everyone on the planet enjoys spending time in a well-tended garden. Gorgeous flowers trimmed with vibrant green grass has a soothing impact on people that can’t be overstated. Of course, as lovely as a garden can be, there’s no doubt that it takes time and effort to do the job correctly. That can present issues for a lot of would-be gardeners.

Maybe you’re not sure you have the talent to cultivate a garden. Perhaps you are dealing with the ill effects of reduced mobility. You could just have a job and a family and not much time for else. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful, thriving garden just because you’re unable to get out and spend hours each day tending to its needs.

What you need are some low-maintenance flowers in San Francisco, CA.


Want to give your garden an exotic flair without actually having to do anything? Introduce yourself to the daylily, a gorgeous flower that is capable of surviving everything from drought to outright abuse. In fact, a daylily can survive in your garden for years with little to no care at all.


If you’re looking for a hearty flower with a delicate-looking bloom, look no further than the cosmos. This highly-adaptable flower not only reseeds itself every year, but it also naturally wards off disease. All you have to do is plant your cosmos in a sunny part of your garden and nature will do the rest.


The blooms referred to as coneflowers bring numerous benefits to a garden. These flowers that are easy to take care of in San Francisco, CA come in a massive variety of colors, which means you can cast your garden in any hue you’d like. Even better, coneflowers attract local wildlife like birds and bees, which means you’ll never be lacking in natural interaction.

Ornamental grass

Don’t get sidetracked hunting down different flowers. It can be easy to underestimate the value that a little pop of green can add to your garden. Various types of ornamental grass grow throughout the area, and they can serve as an unexpected but appealing backdrop to your plot of flowers.


A lot of amateur gardeners steer clear of the practice because they think their plot of land is too shady. After all, the best flowers and plants need sunshine to thrive, right? Meet the hosta, a stunning, shrub-like flower with broad leaves. Hosta comes in a variety of colors that can serve as either the mainstay of your garden or a great source of ground cover.

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