Tips for Getting Your Garden Ready for the Spring Season

The winter is almost over, so now is the time to start getting your garden ready for spring in San Francisco, CA. Devoting a little care to your flower and food beds now will ensure a healthy, beautiful growing season. The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers relies on locally sourced flowers, so we’re familiar with everything that goes into getting your front or back yards back in shape. Here are some tips to get your garden nice and ready for spring:

  • Look for winter damage: Walk around your trees and shrubs to look for damage that occurred over the winter. If there are any dead or damaged branches, prune those back, and clip off tips of evergreens that died in the winter.
  • Rake the leaves: Look at your perennials—are they or the ground covered in dead leaves? Rake those back so that the new growth can push up without additional difficulty. If any roots have worked their way up from the ground, push them down and cover with fresh soil so they won’t die from exposure.
  • Patch the bare spots: If there are any bare spots in your lawn, patch them with grass seed.
  • Remove your winter ground and plant protection: When the weather has been consistently above freezing for a few weeks, you can safely remove any coverings you used to shield your plants from frost. If you have newer trees with staking, you can remove them if it’s been over a year.
  • Pull your weeds: If any weeds have started popping up thanks to the warmer weather, pull them. They’ll be easier to remove in the damp soil, and the faster you get to them, the less likely they’ll be to develop complex root systems.
  • Prune your summer-flowering shrubs: If you have any shrubs that bloom from late June through the fall, this is the ideal time to prune them back so they’ll have enough time to fill out before the summer.
  • Fertilize: Be sure to fertilize your beds and around any trees or shrubs that need it, paying special attention to their individual needs. This is best done after the ground has thawed for a while. In San Francisco, we typically don’t have that many days below freezing, so the ground is likely already ready for it.
  • Divide your perennials: This is the time to dig up and divide your perennials, before the new growth begins. You can either replant them elsewhere to fill in gaps or extend your flowerbed, give them away or use them for compost. If you choose to replant, make sure they have plenty of water in their new location.

With a little care now, your beds will look great all spring and summer long. For more tips for getting your garden ready for spring in San Francisco, CA, contact The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers. We’ve been bringing fresh, beautiful bouquets to San Francisco customers since 1938. We specialize in creating floral arrangements with locally sourced flowers, custom-designed for your special occasion. To get started creating the perfect bouquet, call us today.

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