How Long Do Flowers in San Francisco, CA Last?

You want to buy flowers for a special occasion, but you’re wondering how long they will last. You don’t want to buy them too soon, and you want to choose a variety that will offer a long life. So, which flowers in San Francisco, CA offer the greatest longevity? What kind of lifespan can you expect from common varieties of blooms?

Here’s the scoop. Use the following life expectancies to guide your flower selections. You’ll also find tips for how to make your flowers last longer.


These flowers require a lot of water, so it’s important to closely monitor their water level if you have them in a container. However, if you are diligent with keeping their thirst satisfied, you can get about 10 days of beautiful blooms out of your gladiolus.


A hardy flower, these last for a lifespan of two weeks. They come in a full array of colors to bring 14 days of delight to your surroundings.


This variety of flower is quite popular, partly due to its long lifespan. They can last between two and three weeks. Keep their water free of debris, including leaves and petals, since these can spread bacteria and shorten the plant’s lifespan.


In a vase, orchids can last up to three weeks. To enjoy this longevity, change the water every 48 hours and keep the stems trimmed.


Are you willing to put in a little work? Change their water daily and trim their stems, and chrysanthemums can last up to 30 days.


This plant is known as a very longest-lasting flower. It can stick around as a healthy bloom for 24 days. To keep your zinnia alive this long, change the water every 48 hours.

Life-Extending Tips

In addition to choosing long-lasting plants, you can apply a few tips to extend the lifespan of your pretty petals. Try these tricks:

  • Choose the best location: Where you place your plants matters. To increase their lifespan, avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near heat sources. Also avoid placing flowers near fruit. The fruit emits ethylene gas, which hurts your flowers’ chances of a longer life.
  • Cut the stems: You might be so excited to display your flowers that you forget to make the proper preparations when you place them in a vase. Be sure to cut the stems. Trim off one to two inches, and make the cut at an angle. This allows the flowers to take in water more easily. Retrim them every few days to keep them fresh.
  • Prune: All leaves below the water line should be removed. After this initial pruning, check the flowers each day for loose leaves or dead petals. Remove these to avoid bacterial rot and extend the bouquet’s lifespan.

Get More Tips

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