Check Out These Flowers in San Francisco, CA That You Can Eat!

Beautiful blooms make great bouquets, delightful gifts and lovely décor for the home. Did you know they can also make a tasty treat? Use edible flowers in San Francisco, CA to add color and flavor to your culinary creations.

Several flowers in San Francisco, CA are ideal for the kitchen. Use the following ideas to spruce up your next meal with additional color, aroma and flavor:

  • Marigolds: Want to add a citrus flavor to your dish? The Lemon Gem and Tangerine Gem varieties of marigolds are perfect. These blossoms offer a citrus taste, plus they add a splash of color to your plate.
  • Calendula: Remove the petals from these flowers and use them as a salad topper. They come in yellow, orange and red hues, to perfectly complement your next meal starter.
  • Honeysuckle: The petals from this plant are an attractive addition to dinner salads. However, be sure to throw away the berries—they are toxic.
  • Pansies: To add a minty flavor to your next dessert, try pansies or Johnny jump-ups. They are great as decoration and flavoring for cakes.
  • Bee balm: These come in pink, purple and red varieties and offer mint-flavored flowers. Yum!
  • Anise hyssop: These flowers are diverse in the kitchen. Use the florets in sweet or savory dishes, or use the full flower as a great garnish for a cheese plate.
  • Borage: Looking for something extra to splash into your summer beverage? This herb offers a light cucumber taste, making it perfect to freeze in ice cubes.
  • Daylily: Who says stir fry ingredients have to be vegetables? Daylily buds are great for your next wok creation, or use them as a garnish. They taste a bit like asparagus.
  • Scarlet runner beans: A bright red flower, these blooms are great with steamed vegetables or as part of a tossed salad.
  • Mint: All flowers in the mint family are edible. Use them as a delightful flavor for your next tea time.
  • Chamomile: These small flowers offer a flavor similar to apple. Avoid them if you have ragweed allergies.
  • Alliums: Use the florets of alliums for dips, salads and potato salads. To access the florets, simply remove the center stem.
  • Nasturtiums: You can eat both the blossoms and the leaves of this flower. They come in a host of hues and are great for salads or to use as a colorful garnish. The blooms offer a peppery flavor.
  • Squash blossoms: Stuff these or make them into fritters for a unique treat at your next potluck. Like daylilies, these are also good for stir fry.

Please Your Palate

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