The Best Flower Colors for Any Occasion

Picking out the perfect flowers for a special occasion can be challenging, especially if you aren’t a big flower enthusiast or don’t know much about matching colors and flower types in a bouquet. For this reason, we’ve put together a bit of a guide to help you find the best flower colors for any occasion. Here are some ideas from our flower shop in San Francisco, CA that will help you the next time you’re purchasing flowers for a special occasion or event:

  • Anniversary: Did you know that there are specific flowers for each five years, just like there are specific gifts for every anniversary? For example, five years is daisies, 10 is daffodils, 15 is roses, 20 is aster, 25 is irises and 30 is lilies. Otherwise, it’s always a safe choice to choose red or pink roses for any anniversary, as these colors represent love and passion. You should generally avoid choosing yellow flowers, as they represent friendship. Yellow carnations in particular represent disappointment, so you probably don’t want to choose these and send the wrong message on your anniversary!
  • Birthday: Every month has a birthstone, but also its own flower! January is carnations, February is violets, March is daffodils, April is daisies, May is lilies, June is roses, July is larkspur, August is gladiolus, September is aster, October is marigolds, November is chrysanthemums and December is poinsettias. This is also a great time to give yellow flowers if you’re looking to surprise a friend for their birthday because, again, yellow flowers represent friendship and joy.
  • Illness/get well soon: The type of flower you will send to someone who is recovering from an illness or surgery depends on whether they’re in the hospital or at home. If they’re in the hospital, avoid highly fragrant flowers; tulips, irises and gladioli are all ideal options. If they’re at home, choose bright houseplants to help lift their spirits. Marigolds are a great option because not only are they bright and beautiful, but they also are symbolic of resilience.
  • Dates: While it might seem a bit old-fashioned to bring flowers on a date, some people still enjoy doing this. In these scenarios, we recommend bringing tulips, dandelions or orchids, as these are all welcoming yet not overwhelming flowers.
  • Funerals: Funeral flowers will typically be sent directly to funeral homes to serve as a tribute to the recently deceased. Large formal arrangements featuring lilies, roses and chrysanthemums are all common, but you should also take color into account. Blue, green and white are all colors associated with peace and humility, while orange and red invoke energy and passion, and are best used for celebrations of life rather than to be sent as comforting flowers during a period of sadness.
  • Holiday season: Red poinsettias, paperwhites and amaryllis all represent good cheer and wishes of success, and are the red, white and green colors often associated with the holiday season.

For more tips about the types of flowers to get for particular occasions, contact The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers or visit our flower shop in San Francisco, CA today.

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