It’s Dahlia Season!

Whenever you visit your local flower shop in San Francisco, CA, you can’t help but admire all the beautiful blooms. You may have even laid your eyes on the lovely dahlia flower at times without knowing anything about it. Are they pretty? Yes! Let’s take a few minutes and review the symbolic meaning of the dahlia flower.

What it looks like

Dahlia flowers are characterized by their complex petals and colors. The best way to describe dahlias is that they resemble the fireworks you see exploding high up in the sky—in fact, many firework designs and patterns are based on some of the world’s most exquisite looking flower blooms. Because there are different varieties of dahlia, you will notice a wide range in regards to flower size, height, petal shape, color and the number of rows of petals.

Dahlias on the larger end can grow up to 6 feet with flowers up to 12 inches in diameter, while smaller dahlias are often 1 to 3 feet with flowers of 2 to 4 inches in diameter. No matter the size of the dahlia, they can be yellow, white, orange, pink, purple, blue and even black, and either sport a solid color or be patterned with different colored edges or stripes. Dahlia petals also vary depending on the variety of dahlia. Petals can be round or pointed, long or short, have curled edges, unevenly spaced or uniform.

What it represents

As one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, it comes as no surprise that the dahlia has many wonderful symbolic meanings. Here are a few:

  • Changing in a positive way: Change can be good or bad, but leave it to the dahlia flower to symbolize change in a positive way. It says that change is always moving forward, never going in reverse, and even though change is hard for some people, it will become easier once you learn how to deal with it the right way. Dahlias show that accepting change is good.
  • Honesty: The dahlia represents honesty and symbolizes truth. Don’t be afraid to show emotions, and respect others by giving them your honest opinion.
  • Inner strength: Dahlias are strong, they can make it through difficult times, and you can, too. This flower symbolizes the will to find inner strength instead of giving up.
  • A rich history: The dahlia flower has centuries of historical and cultural significance. In the Victorian era, dahlias were given as gifts as signs of love for a person and commitment to others.
  • Birth flower: If you are an August baby, then the dahlia is your birth flower! Also, some flower professionals list it as the birth flower of November.
  • Mexico’s national flower: The dahlia is the national flower of Mexico, which is the flower’s native habitat. Because dahlia petals fit together in the flower, it’s also the flower that best represents diversity.

Dahlias are now in season! Visit your local flower shop in San Francisco, CA soon. You can rest assured you’ll find the most beautiful dahlias and other flowers at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers!

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