Summer Is Coming! Check Out the Best Summer Flowers in San Francisco, CA

You want your summer to be filled with gorgeous blooms. But which flowers are best for the season? What will make your garden, your porch, your patio and your yard look stunning all summer long? We’re here to help. The following list offers an ABC guide to the best summer flowers in San Francisco, CA.

This list is far from exhaustive. As you plan your summer planting, myriad options are available to create a space that offers the style and scents you desire. Use the following for inspiration and contact the professional florists at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers for additional ideas:

  • A: Aster – If you want to add a bit of regal color to your surroundings, aster will do it. Blooming in a beautiful purple, aster offers a great choice for summer.
  • B: Bougainvillea – These dark-colored purple/pink flowers can be found in vine, tree or bush form. They offer a great option to create shade. Beware—they are gorgeous, but they require frequent maintenance for good results.
  • C: Coreopsis – These blooms look like colorful wild flowers. If you are unsure what color theme you want for your surroundings, these are a good option, because they grow in a variety of hues.
  • D: Dahlia – Do you have a small space to fill? These blooms can add subtle beauty to your surroundings.
  • E: Euphorbia – If you’re looking for something to plant along a walkway or garden edges, this is a great option. This green bushy plant offers blooms in a variety of colors.
  • F: Foxgloves – Want to add some height to your garden? These vertical flowers are straight and tall. Their gorgeous salmon-colored bell blooms are eye-catching.
  • G: Gardenias – These beautiful white flowers offer a classic look. They also offer versatility in planting. You can grow them in a container or in the ground as a bush, or in the ground as a tree.
  • H: Heliconia – For a unique look, try these blooms. Their bright red-orange blooms traced in green can bring a modern feel to your garden.
  • I: Iris – These blooms provide another vertical option. Bright purple petals grow off the stem’s sides and create an eye-catching view.
  • J: Jasmine – This plant is known for its unique fragrance, which it releases after sunset. As the moon rises, your garden will be filled with their scent. Jasmine is typically found in climbing vine or shrub form and can grow up to 14 feet tall.
  • Y: Yarrow – This flower offers a simple design with a wildflower feel. Its small, elegant petals offer a pop of white among dark green leaves. Yarrow is great to grow around rocks.
  • Z: Zinnias – The zinnia belongs to the daisy family. Zinnias evoke feelings of friendliness and cheer. Their bright colors offer a welcoming atmosphere to your garden.

The Rest of the Alphabet

Want more information on the best summer flowers in San Francisco, CA? There’s no better source than the expert florists at The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers. We are ready to answer all your questions and provide the perfect petals for your summer planting.

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