The Importance of Flowers in San Francisco, CA

Even though we usually see flowers being used as decorations or garnishes, they are good for so much more than enhancing aesthetic appeal. People love to give flowers as gifts and use them as décor, but flowers actually have many more important purposes long before they leave the ground to be put in a bouquet.

Like other plants and forms of life, flowers play a vitally important role within ecosystems across the planet. They are a crucial part of the environment, and they are also important to cultures and traditions all over. Learning more about all of the important things that flowers in San Francisco, CA do can give you even more appreciation for that beautiful bouquet on your table or the garden in your yard:

  • Flowers are important aspects of tradition: Regardless of the specific circumstances, most large gatherings and special occasions will feature flowers or floral displays. Flowers will often adorn caskets or surround displays at funerals to commemorate the beauty of the life that was lost. Meanwhile, at weddings, flowers take center stage in a bride’s hair or bouquet as symbols of beauty and love.
  • Many flowers have medicinal properties: For thousands of years, humans have relied on the medicinal properties of flowers to alleviate common ailments and diseases. Even with the accessibility of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals, many people still utilize flowers in remedies and medicines.
  • Landscaping utilizes flowers: If you have a garden of your own, you probably see firsthand how much brighter flowers can make a yard. They add a colorful element to landscaping and they can cheer up a green space significantly.
  • Flowers are sources of food: Animals, insects and humans alike can all derive nutrition from certain types of flowers. Many people use flowers in recipes and cooking or as a garnish for culinary dishes. Some flowers in San Francisco, CA can even be used to season food, since herbal plants and the flowers that grow on them will generally taste alike.
  • They play an important role in the ecosystem: Flowers, like other plants and trees, are essential in removing toxins and carbon dioxide from the air. In addition, the pollen in flowers attracts bees, which will then carry this pollen from flower to flower, fertilizing plants as they go.

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