Beware These Eight Poisonous Flowers in San Francisco, CA if You Have Pets

Keeping your pets safe from poisonous flowers is imperative for their continued good health. Many flowers in San Francisco, CA that look beautiful come with deadly consequences that can make your pet sick if they are ingested. Being aware of which flowers are potentially dangerous can help you keep them out of reach and make sure your furry friend stays safe in their presence. Take extreme caution when bringing home the following flowers:

  • Ragwort: This flower can affect humans as well as animals. While it has a bitter taste that causes most animals to leave it alone, it can actually produce respiratory symptoms in people just by being near it. Leave this flower to flourish away from your home and pets.
  • Mountain laurel: These delicate flowers in San Francisco, CA can be deadly to anyone who consumes the honey produced from their pollen. While bees love this flower, it is best to stay away from it and avoid bringing it into your home.
  • Laburnum: Your pet may get a stomachache from this flower, as it is poisonous. While it can be toxic at high levels, and a large amount would have to be eaten by your dog or cat to be fatal, it can still make them feel sick if they get into it. Keep this flower away from your pets for safety reasons.
  • Cerbera Odollom: This is one dangerous flower, as one taste of this poisonous plant can send your pet straight to the emergency room. It has deadly toxins that can paralyze the heart. Forget this plant in any form if you have pets or small children who may get curious and ingest it.
  • Veratrum: As beautiful and alluring as the veratrum is, it can cause cardiac failure symptoms that are dangerous if any part of this flower is ingested. When ingested in large amounts, it can even lead to death, making these flowers in San Francisco, CA that you’ll want to leave alone.
  • Calla lily: This pretty flowering plant isn’t actually a lily, but it can still provoke rash and irritation upon contact like other lilies. This flower is a popular one, but it’s best to avoid it if you have children or pets that may come in contact with its buds.
  • Naked lady: These dramatic flowers in San Francisco, CA can cause cardiovascular collapse upon ingestion and should be kept away from your mischievous pets. While this flower has a wonderful aroma, its petals are poisonous and won’t do well with pets.
  • Daphne: There are a range of sickness symptoms that come with this flower, as it is known to produce delirium, headaches and convulsions when eaten. The berries and sap are particularly poisonous, and while it is a fragrant flower, it needs to be kept out of your home.

Keeping poisonous flowers in San Francisco, CA away from curious pets is always a good idea to keep your furry friends safe in your home. If you do have one of these flowers in your home, keep it out of reach of your pets and make sure to dispose of it properly when it’s run its course. If you are looking for flowers to grace your home, visit The Delicate Daisy – House of Flowers. We have a full array of flowers, bouquets and arrangements that are great gifts to brighten someone’s day.

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